Stylish Dad of the Week

           With Father's Day creeping up on the calendar I decided to start a series called Stylish Dad's, where I recognize a Stylish Dad(s) during the week. These men are not only successful in their family life and careers but they also have a fashion sense unique to only them!

For this week we have…
Pharrell Williams

Family Guy..

            Pharell has managed to make us Happy since the early 90's. Since then, he's accomplished so much and branched out into a variety of industries besides music. Fashion wise, Pharrell partnered up with Japanese retailer Uniqlo in April to create a T-shirt line "i am OTHER" with catchy phrases (perfect for sporting around campus) AND they are surprisingly under $20! The collaboration also includes hats as accessories. Around the same time he released an album called Girl and plans to release a--WAIT for it--unisex fragrance named Girl also. I feel like a unisex perfume/cologne is one of those things people have always wanted but never knew it until its creation! Now in 2014, being a seven time grammy award winner, fashion designer, and musician (to name a few) his most important occupation is being a father to son Rocket Williams who is 6 years old. He created the song "Rocket's Theme" in movie Despicable Me 2 honor of his son.

Fashion Forward Moments of 2014
Short Suit at the Oscars

Radical hat Statement at the Grammy's

Collab With Uniqlo

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