Shooting for the Stars

 Venus x Mars 

          Its nothing short of excitement when learning about Kanye’s ongoing plans in developing and selling his new line Venus x Mars. He worked with close friend Tracey Mills to create the futuristically inclined collection (Venus is for women, Mars for men). The major movies of the galaxy—Star Trek and Star Wars—are the line's main source of inspiration (hence the names of some of their products: Jedi, Spock, Vader). Focusing on the value of the product rather than the gender of the model, VxM goes for a more androgynous feel which is why Mills told Complex magazine he feels like the brand has a 100% probability of evolving as time goes on. With simple silhouttes made of Turkish cotton the pieces are selling anywhere from 200-400 dollars. 

Favorite Look of the collection! Nothing like a cute crop! 

Pants also come in a gray color!

A few graphic tees to switch things up..
Pictures from the actual website

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