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           Alter Ego is a powerful upcoming brand created and owned by Denis Ofosu and Jeff Obeng. Founded in Virginia, Alter Ego was definitely the first brand that I noticed was ran by college students. Seeing the unmistakable logo around campus always prompted me to figure out who was in charge of this creative line. Now The Strong Suit gets an inside look to what feeds that creative process and how these young men continue to do what they do best. We got a chance to get in touch with Denis to pick his brain a bit about his growing passion:

 What Does Fashion mean to you as a developing Fashion Designer?

Fashion to me is self expression, it's giving your personality an image. A lot of people are shy and can't express themselves through words, so they do it through their style and fashion. This is why you see people dress in different kinds of ways. To me, fashion is what you make it. There is no right or wrong, you take the item and bring it to life. 

What brands would you say inspired you the most in Fashion? Anyone in particular?

Hmm I would say In the begging it was Armani Exchange, Hugo Boss and Ralph Lauren. I'm also a HUGE fan of adidas! Growing up in the DMV, if you had any of those brands on you were the Man. Alter Ego is next in line by Gods grace. I want people to experience the same thrill they get when they wear those brands. 

When it comes to Alter Ego, do you think you attempt to incorporate trends into your designs, or do you decide to make your own?

When it comes to Alter Ego design we like to make clothing that will penetrate culture, 10 years from now we want our designs that are out now to still be sought after. While we do focus on current trends, the key is just to make pieces that people will love! 

Alter Ego is continuing to grow and become a force to be reckoned with, but at this current time what would you like the brand to be remembered/known for?

I want Alter Ego to be known as the "IT" brand. Meaning if someone has a date, party, back to school shopping, gift shopping etc... No matter what the occasion is, I want Alter Ego to be the first place they come to to find what they are looking for.

How do you react to negative feedback about the brand? 

I'm always smiling, when a negative comment is brought to my attention I just smile some more. We love what we're doing! God has blessed us and he will continue to bless us. So if someone's hating that's great because all a hater is just a fan in disguise. 

Would you consider Alter Ego a solo business or a team working towards a common goal?

Alter Ego is a team, my business partner Jeff, then the Alter Ego family the success comes from all those guys hard work and Gods favor! 

How did some of some of your great designs end up on the backs of a few admired celebrities?

When it comes to celebs wearing our clothes Jeff and I always say that's God working, he just chose us.

           This label may seem familiar to some of you and thats because THE P. Diddy felt impressed enough to shout out Alter Ego on his twitter not too long ago! Speaking of social networks, check out the Alter Ego at their online store and instagram/twitter!! 

What more encouragement do you need? Check them out!
Twitter: AEapparel
Instagram: Alterego_Apparel

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