What is the inspiration behind cherryDOTdork? 

          The inspiration behind CDD comes from where it started in 2012 as simply, just a way to fund an organization called MoreThanDance. This was an organization, based out of NC State, that would put on different dance workshops and classes to help raise money and awareness for non-profits and other charities. Although MTD is taking a break to work on some big things cherryDOTdork still is going, and this is because in late 2012 the two split to become separate companies but still supported each other. Today CDD is an apparel company that makes things that anyone can wear anyway they want, because individualism is what makes a Dork great and what we stand for. We don't like telling people how to wear something so we encourage people to rip, cut, and style anything they get anyway they want. And is also why we offer custom items by request.

 How did you come up with  the name cherryDOTdork? What does it mean to you? 

          The name comes from a mixture of things. The "cherry" comes from the cofounders last name, which is Cherry. The "DOT" is really just a play on web addresses like .com or .org, and finally the "dork" comes from what they call people that just like to be themselves no mater what. They call dancers dorks all the time and thats where it started, but now its really about being you regardless what what is going on around you. Thats really what it means to me. 

What personally influences you when you are creating a new collection? 

           I honestly get ideas for lines, clothing, and collections randomly. It might come to me when i'm scrolling through Instagram, or people watching, or just going through the mall. I follow a lot of mainstream but also underground and local lines as well to make sure we aren't making the same things, but still being competitive in a way lol. I like to keep things trendy but I hate to follow trends. Trends keep people looking like the next, thats not the Dork way. 

 How would you say your products have changed over time?

           CDD has come a looooooong way. We started with just one basic white t-shirt with a horrible design, to now offering hats, posters, and more. We have also started sponsoring up and coming artist and have also started an Artist Spotlight on our website as a way to promote those doing what they love to do and do best. 

 *My Fave!

What are the specific goals you wish to accomplish with your brand?

          In the future, near and far, I want to have more accessories added to the shop like glasses and jewelry. I want to have some items in boutiques and have ourwn store one day. And just to continue to grow overall and keep our identity as a brand. 

What or who motivates you when challenges become overwhelming?

          The people that really like what we have and stand for motivate cherryDOTdork to push through and keep putting out great merchandise. We really don't want to let down our supporters. And when it comes to me personally my faith in God and my passion for what I do keeps me going to overcome anything and be great.

What do you have planned for the future of cherryDOTdork?

          Right now we are working on being in a major fashion show here in Raleigh in August. Should be a great event and we will be showcasing a few new pieces. And hopefully sponsoring and being a part of some NC State homecoming events!

Instagram: @cherryDOTdork
Twitter: @cherryDOTdork

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