The Boys Have Arrived!

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          The boys are here and they are making their presence in the industry known more than ever before! At first thought the menswear niche of the fashion industry might seem incomparable to womenswear. In fashion class we actually held a discussion concerning the fact that menswear is steadily evolving quicker and showing better improvement than womenswear. The success poses a question: Will menswear eventually surpass womenswear in the industry? There is quite a few factors influencing the boom in menswear and it's acceptance to majority of the public:

         1. Men are becoming more fashion conscious.
         2. Social Media exposes guys to menswear fashion even in its most specific categories.
         3. Celebrity influence: Kanye West, Russell Westbrook, and ASAP Rocky.
         4. The fluid transition between comfort and luxury a.k.a "athleisure".
         5. Gender neutrality of clothing items designed (which is good for us ladies when it comes to                           stealing clothes from our boyfriends closets!)

           The result? Menswear is becoming a larger business causing companies and brands to look toward a new market that's all about the boys! 

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