Recap on Singapore Fashion Week 2015

          Singapore Fashion week recently ended this past Sunday, and if you missed it you can get a little taste of the festivities from our top ensemble picks!

Diane von Fursteberg

I loved the monochromatic elements of each ensemble (with a little twist) partnered with the long cape and hemline of the blazers.

Victoria Beckham

An all white outfit is something that I have to try this A/W and my love for chunky sweaters and midi skirts easily makes this my number one pick from her collection.

Ong Shunmugam

A contemporary Singaporean label, designer Priscilla Shunmugam prefers to focus on the construction on her pieces rather than fast fashion which seems to be the hype in the industry these days. I love the pieces from her Madness & Civilization collection because of her interesting choice of colors and patterns from simplistic to complex. I also admire the repeated use of mandarin collars which happen to be one of my favorites.


Structured leather jackets for men this A/W are a definite yes! 

Elohim by Sabrinahoh

The elegance of the cape in the first ensemble really caught my attention and the asymmetrical attributes of the skirts displayed a certain uniqueness.

Collate Label

Collate the Label is a new luxurious line created by Singapore's IT girl Velda Tan. She hopes to inspire women to take control of the inner fashionista and blossom with each individuals choice of personal style. This dress took the cake with a lovely double peplum. It made that trend relevant for me again.

Benjamin Barker

Because every man needs a perfectly tailored suit..

Photos:, Various Label Websites

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