Trends in Transparency

Scrolling through instagram I came across a post on Nasty Gal and saw this Transparent Tote captioned "Now you see it. Now you tote." 

    I've always loved their boots, but Hunter has really outdone themselves with these Transparent totes! They come in three sizes: original tote, midi tote, and mini tote. They also come in a variety of colors from the ones show below to a mustard and navy color. The totes even come with a removable pouch inside! No more worrying about spilling drinks on your purse when you can just wipe it off. Or rainy days on campus when it'll just run right off. 

 My favorite color! 

 Original Tote

 Midi Tote

Mini Tote

I think I am in love guys. I need these! Check out for the other colors and prices on these trendy transparent totes (say that three times fast).

Just to add for grabs, their leather hand bags are pretty amazing also. Loved this clutch along with a few other leather goodies. When you visit the website give them a look for sure! 

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