Why Canary Yellow is the Perfect Color for Summer

          I don't usually wear yellow, but when I do it has to be canary yellow! It is so vibrant and bright and really uplifts my mood! I actually took this dress from my sister's closet, she has had it for like two years a never wore it is mine now (ha!). I am going to be doing a post how many different ways you can wear a jean shirt because you guys know they are in so many of my style posts. On my About Me page I confess how they are the items I can NOT EVER part with in my closet, but I digress. So I wore my jean shirt over this dress and I thought the navy blue jean and yellow complimented each other perfectly. I also wore my new earrings I got from Cato's for $1.99! They aren't clearly pictured here (my bad) but I do have a picture of both pairs of earrings on my Instagram (Genuinely_AA)! 

***Love the movement of this dress

 Dress: New Directions
Shoes: H&M
Jean Shirt: Forever 21
Purse: Thrifted

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