Men Like Accessories: How to Choose Bracelets for Men

            A talk with my boyfriend the other day helped me realize that some men want to wear accessories--such as necklaces and bracelets--but are not completely sure how to go about it and worry they may look too feminine. So I've decided to do a series on accessories for men. Over the next few days I will post my own personal choices of bracelets, necklaces, and rings that can be used to switch up an outfit in just the right way.

Today we tackle bracelets.

I am a stacker, the more bracelets I can wear (in a reasonable amount) the better. That is why bracelet sets are perfect for guys who want to mix and match with accessories they already wear such as their watches. I prefer to build my collection around a leather or silver bracelet that serves as the base, but you could choose a bright color or different material as your preference.

Blue Sport: For a guy who's constantly active, and doesn't want anything too shiny on his wrist to take away from his Nikes and Dry-Fit gear.

Grey Steel: Would look great partnered with an all black outfit, or maybe an all white one to give it a little edge.

Safari : I love the colors of this bracelet set, making it easy to be matched with almost any outfit. Definitely gives a more relaxed look but can be easily dressed up with a favorite watch.

Dressy: A little bit of shine goes a long way.

Beach Classic: I love this bracelet set because it has so MANY pieces! These are the kind of sets that are perfect to mix and match with other bracelets, and break it down into simpler pieces of one or two favorite choices. 

For the simpler look you could always go with just one or two.



           I hoped this helped fellas! Feel free to comment your opinions and don't forget to try some of these looks with your own twist.