A Comeback Worth a Century

          When you hear the name Chuck Taylor you think one of two things: classic sneakers and basketball. The "All Star," made in 1917, was first produced in an attempt to reach the basketball market. It was only until the '20s that Chuck Taylor took over for the shoe as its spokesperson and the sneaker rose to stardom. Nearly a century later Converse finally decides to bless us with another possible classic! The Converse Chuck All Star II made its debut this past Tuesday with a new look and modernized features (thanks to Nike)!

          The sports giant bought Converse a few years back and infused some of their footwear technology into the modern model. They will still bear the same characteristics that we have grown to love with a few additions of a canvas upper (compared to cotton),  a higher shock adsorption (thanks to the Nike Lunarlon sole in the footbeds), and a padded non-slip tongue. 

            Unfortunately for us, the new Chuck's are a little bit more expensive that their older counterparts: the high tops selling for $75 and the low cuts for $70. When it comes to classics, a couple extra dollars are always worth it! Chucks are so versatile for both my girls and guys and can be dressed up or worn casually. I am so excited to try on the Chuck II and hope to do a throwback post with my old chucks soon!

My personal favorite is the All White Chuck II's! I can only imagine building outfits around them and wearing them with just about anything! I can also imagine freaking out over any little thing that could possibly get them dirty (lol). What color do you guys prefer?

How do you feel about the new Chucks? Is the new price too much? Should classics ever be changed, or should they be able to stand the test of time?

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