How to Style Chuck Taylor's

         While everyone is moving on to their high fashion brand names I can not help but love a good steal every now and again. This past Spring I got this red, white, and blue dress from Aeropostale. Quick spill: I used to work there, love the clothes there, brands change learn to accept it. Aeropostale has a bad rep from some of the "out of date" clothes and people fail to see the brand has done a complete 360 since my high school days. After my first year of working at Aeropostale my manager announced that the company was working on rebranding itself. I'd like to say they have done a great job. I can find cute trendy things to wear that are near in craft or comparable to American Eagle, Forever, and even H&M. You just have to know when and where to look!

            I always seem to catch the new releases (lucky me) which is how I came across this dress! I love the pattern, its just enough indie without too much aztec and can be worn with my favorite cover up (JEAN SHIRTS)! I have an obsession,  leave it be. I also promised you guys a style post featuring an older pair of chucks! Even though you can't see the exact detail (they were gleaming during the shoot) you can tell its the pair with the stripes at the bottom. The new white Chuck II's are all white which I prefer but I still love this pair.

Seen on my Instagram: @Genuinely_AA

I took my twists out (obviously)! So a quick update on my hair; I've been painting my house this week which means I haven't been taking care of it (bad me). I did a roller set and it actually turned out nice! I am super excited about the turnout of my roller set. For all the naturals out there I am a type 4a hair so super small curls that suffer from frizz terribly. I think what helped this look come out better than most is my time in between stretching my hair and the curling process! I will be trying this look again soon and maybe next time I will have a video for you guys ;)!

Dress: Aeropostale
Jean Shirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse

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