The Importance of Capsule Collections

         With any Fashion Week you follow in the near future don't automatically pass by the Capsule Collections. For me, those are my favorite only because I love being introduced to a new brand, designer, and concept of thinking. The whole purpose of Capsule Collections is to provide a preview of a designers creativity used enhance clothing items that are timeless in their design, use, and construction. It is a perfect marketing tool for a brand but provides intimacy for the onlooker as well. Without as many looks you can focus on the pieces in front of you and easily decipher the mood and direction of the collection overall.

Baartmans and Siegel


These were my two favorite Capsule Collections from last weeks New York Fashion Week for Men for two different reasons:

- Baartmans and Siegel used my favorite neutrals (navy and gray) along with layers and patterns to prevent monotony. 

- Blacklist took a different approach with pops of lime green and a Hawaiian pattern that greatly countered the intensity of the models. 

          With both collections these were items I could see friends and the public wearing (maybe even a modified version for myself ha!), and thats what impacts me as an observer. I like being able to relate to pieces and the story each collection tells. What aspect of collections impact you? Any favorites from last week?

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