After 3 1/2 years at the French Couture house, Raf Simons says good bye to Dior. There is not many details about his departure despite the fact he thought it best for "personal reasons." The Spring/Summer collection he presented in Louvre earlier this month will be his last. The Belgian designer took on the persona of this fashion house and pushed it to the limit in terms of perspective. Under Raf Simons we have seen Dior all over the world in pre-season shows: Palais Bulles in South France, sumo wrestling arena in Tokyo, Brooklyn, and this past season at The Louvre Cour Carree.

          "It is after careful and long consideration that I have decided to leave my position as creative director of Christian Dior's women's collection, Simons, 47, said in a statement. "It is a decision based entirely and equally on my desire to focus on other interests in my life, including my own brand, and the passions that drive me outside my work. Christian Dior is an extra ordinary company and it has been an immense privilege to write a few pages of this magnificent book."

          WWD commented on this situation saying, "Designers of Simons generation are not willing to bend unthinkingly to demands and constraints." Which raises questions if Simons was growing tired of unnecessary pressure from his superiors. I agree with WWD immensely and think this might be a shift that older global brands like Dior might use opportunities like these to grow and adjust to changing times. Many creative directors aspire to create and design for their own namesake brand, no one really wants to work their whole lives making someone else's dreams come true. With that being said, everyone has their own price they think is right for a job to a project, but understanding how the change in generations will present a change in your employees is an important aspect of business.

         I mention in my Ralph Lauren post how Lauren quickly recognized that he needed a pair of fresh eyes in order to continue to grow his empire. Being able to just in the ever changing fashion world is one of the best characteristics a brand can possess. Dior never ceases to amaze us and I am sure with time some relationships break apart like this one. Simons abrupt departure will ensue questions and conversations about who will take up the reigns of the company.

Do you feel like there may be a generation rift between creative directors and their superiors? What do you expect to see from Raf Simons in the coming years? What does his departure mean to you?