I am so excited to launch the blog's very FIRST giveaway which happens to be one of my favorite accessories: jewelry! In honor of reaching 10,000 views within in our first year and our 100th post I am so thrilled to be hosting a giveaway to celebrate our young success! Working with brands has also been an aspiration of mine and I am grateful for Alora Boutique for trusting me with their products as my first giveaway item! If you follow me on Instagram (@Genuinely_AA) then you have seen me post about a pair of gold and black earrings I received from a fellow blogger who also makes jewelry for Alora Boutique (! I have fallen in love with them and have worn them now on several occasions--due to the fact that I have entirely to much black in my wardrobe--and they match almost everything! I also have a coupon code for customers so you can get 20% off of your  jewelry purchase!! Not only that, but shipping is free within Canada and the USA. The code is: ALORAxSS20, make sure you DM or send either of us pictures of what you decide to buy using your coupon code! Happy Shopping and Good Luck entering Strong Suiters!

         Alora Boutique was founded in 2013 by a mother and daughter duo, who began making jewelry from home in their kitchen. They both had a strong belief that jewelry should be beautiful, personal, and meaningful. Each piece is handmade and symbolizes an intention and tells a certain story. Alora jewelry is inspired by the natural beauty of the Rockies and embodies the culture of Ghana. The handmade pieces are crafted from recycled materials in order to maintain a sustainable production. Alora attempts to give back to its surrounding community in Canada as much as possible.

        I was personally gifted my beautiful Amadi Fringe earrings that are black and gold as I mentioned earlier. Alora has so many products I am sure my readers would love which is why I am so excited we have come together for this giveaway. I know everyone doesn't love black as much as I do so I decided to giveaway my pair of earrings that also come in royal blue. We've seen it so much on the runways and it is one of my favorite accent colors to use for a pop this season! The rules of the giveaway are simple:

1. Follow Alora Boutique and myself on Instagram and use the tag #thestrongsuitgiveaway or #aloraboutique!
2. Share on your Instagram!
3. Tag 2 fashionable friends!


Winners will be announced next Monday! Good luck to all my fashionistas!

Don't forget to visit them at and below are a few additional items that happen to be my favorites! 

What does Alora mean to you?

           Alora means "my dream" in Bantu. That is the reason we (my mother, husband and I) picked the name in 2013. It has always been a dream of ours to empower women through wearing our jewelry. We have always wanted to do this by representing our West African heritage and that is why we use fair trade recycled glass beads from Ghana and recycled brass. 

What jewelry item would you claim as your favorite piece?

          I have so many! My absolute favorite piece is the heart necklace {}. It represents patience and tolerance and I think that when you are a business owner, mother, and wife you need those qualities in abundance! The heart necklace actually is a symbol from Ghana called "Akoma". We like to incorporate our heritage in every piece and I think this necklace does it!

How has Alora changed how you view your creative passion?

           Alora has really changed the way I view my passion by showing me that there is always room to grow. There are somethings that my mother and I made 2 years ago that I thought were amazing! Looking back on them now I'm not so sure... haha. They were still great pieces, but there is always room to grow and evolve in your craft. Your technique gets better, your style changes, and that is okay. You just have to let your creativity flow! 

Have you always been interested in jewelry making or is it a talent you stumbled upon?

          I think I have always been a maker. I loved doing paper crafts and painting when I was “younger”. Making jewelry was something that my mother and I kind of stumbled upon. We took a jewelry making class about 5 or 6 years ago and simply fell in love with it. Soon we had so much jewelry we had to give it away. Then people started buying it! We thought to ourselves “This could be a business” and here we are today.

What advice would you give to individuals pursuing a creative career?

          I would say that you have to carefully balance your creative side and the business part of it. With that in mind always stay true to your vision and aesthetic. You will fail many, many times, but if you are ready to regroup and refresh you will do just fine!

Where do you see Alora in the next few years?

         I see Alora continuing to create sustainable, fair trade and ethically made fashion jewelry. I think in a few years we should be in a store near you and have a storefront in Calgary, Canada (our base)! To do this we really want to employ immigrant women to help us make jewelry. We hope that by that time we will be able to pay them a great wage and help them adjust to life in their new home. Alora will constantly grow and evolve to meet the needs of their customers and create beautiful keepsake jewelry pieces!

What inspires the color schemes and materials for your jewelry pieces?

         We are inspired by the natural and earthy nature of recycled materials. We thoroughly enjoy recycled brass and the color and feel that it has. 

         To be honest we use whatever colors we like! When it comes to color, we prefer vibrant colors that are in line with who we are and our heritage. In the fall we opt for richer colors and in the spring more fun, bold, bright colors.

What is the main difficulty you run into when creating jewelry?

          The main difficulty is make it all ourselves. We want to stay true to the handmade nature of our jewelry and sometimes keeping up with demand when there are just four hands between us it difficult. 

          Other than that I think that constantly coming up with new designs and having to reign ourselves in is the hardest part. We always want to make something new! However, when you are running a business you have to balance the new with selling the things that people have told you they already love.