15 of Our Favorite Looks From AFROPUNK 2016

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       It is that time of year again, when we all gather up our edges after they have been snatched by the various outfits witnessed at this year's AFROPUNK festival. What is AFROPUNK? It is a movement created to include multicultural individuals everywhere in an artistic community where they feel free to express their passions. AFROPUNK 2016 festival returned to Brooklyn, New York for a weekend filled with music, eccentric outfits, various hairstyles, and live art. The New York times has called it "the most multicultural musical festival in the US!" I tuned into the festival last year and was opened up to a new world filled with individuals who had an undeniable pride for their ethnic culture and personal roots. In my first AFROPUNK post here, I had mentioned how the festival made its first overseas debut in Paris that year (2015). With AFROPUNK continuing to grow in popularity, I am hoping that its presence will continue to expand and be a place where people can celebrate Pan-Afrikanism in its fullness! 

credit: fashionbombdaily.com

credit: fashionbombdaily.com

credit: Elle.com, Tyler Joe 

credit: Elle.com, Tyler Joe 

Instagram: jahsiahx

Instagram: jaycee713
Left to Right: jas_vines, makedao, figoreilly

Instagram: antoriginates

credit: wmagazine.com

Instagram: hernameisfun

Instagram: jimisab
Photographer: a_kid_named_trav

Instagram: djandaj

credit: Time Magazine
Instagram: dapperlou
*my absolute favorite picture on this post* 

Instagram: dpipertwins

credit: Elle.com, Tyler Joe

 credit: fashionbombdaily.com

        The thing I love the most about fashion is the aspect of personal style. Music festivals and even life in general always seems to bring out either the best or the worst of someone's sartorial choices. In AFROPUNK's case it is the best and I am always excited to see what outfits, fabrics, textures, and patterns people will choose to put together their look. What someone chooses to wear on their body really exemplifies how they feel about themselves and their surroundings. I heard a quote once that really resonated with me, " Fashion is our chosen skin." You should always love the skin you are in, despite what society might have to say about your skin tone, religion, or even your size. We have the option to style our second skin around how we see ourselves, and that is the true beauty of fashion! 

What was your favorite look from AFROPUNK? If you did not attend, what would be your outfit of choice?

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