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       I have been a busy body lately transitioning back to school mode after being on #NYFW week mode! Check out what I wore while I was there in my most recent post here. Now that I am back on campus I can participate in events locally which brings me to my next point, I am going to be covering SPARKcon's fashion show a.k.a fashionSPARK! SPARKcon is an art & design creative festival held in Raleigh, NC annually by the Visual Art Exchange. I grabbed a quote from their website to give my readers a little more details about what they could expect from the event:

"Visual Art Exchange produces SPARKcon to celebrate and highlight diverse creative efforts in the Triangle and is a part of VAE mission to support and provide opportunities for artists and connect the community to the arts." -

Visit the website here for other SPARKcon events.

       I was unfortunately not able to attend SPARKcon last year but I was blessed enough to be asked to cover fashionSPARK which is the fashion show they have during the festival this year! The Wear What You Are Fashion show is one of the largest and most popular annual shows in the Triangle area! This is such an honor and I can not wait to see what the designers have in store for us tonight! In order to give you guys a sneak peek (because I love you) I wanted to share the designers and their inspirations with my readers in hopes you guys will come out to see me tonight! Oh I forgot to mention, the show is FREE to the open public. I am in college and I know that a lot of other people my age all have one thing in common: we love free stuff. Any fashion show for free is a fashion show to see indeed. So before you head out tomorrow night stop by the fashionSPARK Wear What You Are Fashion show held at the CAM in downtown Raleigh this year! 

       Below I have the designers and their inspiration quotes from their websites where you can find past collections in order to look forward to their showcase tonight! These are all highly talented individuals and I can not WAIT to see what they have in store this year.

Keely Lauren Cansler: 

"My main approach to designing garments often incorporates non-traditional elements from everyday life abstracted in non-traditional ways. I seek to enable those who wear my designs to feel empowered to express themselves through attire designed to challenge the familiar and twist the expected. With each garment I create, I hope to evoke emotion and promote thought about my pieces from both those who wear them as well as those who view them."

Visit her website here .

Studio B Designs by Brian Atkins

"As a child, I always loved fashion. I remember cutting up my brother’s sweatshirts and creating doll clothes for my friends at daycare. I was also constantly sketching what I called “pretty dresses”. I watched pageants and old movies, just to see the elaborate gowns. It wasn’t until much later in life that I decided to pursue my dream. A Studio B design will always have an element of drama in each of them. I love the unexpected and pull my inspiration from many different areas. All of my garments are created uniquely for the customer, when you order a Studio B garment you will own a custom unique piece, guaranteed to be one of a kind."

Visit his website here.

Gosha by Dani Gosha

"Dani Gosha is fashion designer, illustrator, and all around artistic creator. Dani Gosha (GO-SHAY) also known by her childhood nickname "Bones," is currently based on the East Coast. An experimental artist above all else starting at a young age, her work is largely influenced by her years of being raised in Misawa, Japan."

Visit her website here.

Forest Tomlin and Eric Barnes:  

Forest Tomlin is a fashion and textile design student at NCSU specializing in women's streetwear design.

Visit his website here.

Perspectus Clothing: 

 Head to their Instagram to see past looks here.

Anna Gray Designs: 

"Anna is an up and coming fashion designer from Eastern North Carolina and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anna graduated from Meredith College with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Design, concentrating in Design. In the fall of 2015 Anna  showcased her designs in the fashionSPARK show in Raleigh, NC. She designed original prints from photographs from her travels."

Visit her website here.

Broadway Squared: 

 Head to their Instagram here.
Missing from this list:  

Offsquare Threads! Come to the show tonight to see their new looks!

Make sure you pay a visit to each of the designer's pages and I hope to see you guys tonight! You have no reason not to show up seeing as the show is absolutely FREE to the general public! Here are directions to the CAM and I hope to see you tomorrow night the show starts at 8 and ends at 9!

Dont' forget to follow me on Instagram (Genuinely_AA) to see my favorite picks from tomorrow night's show!

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