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        Flashback to my Warby Parker post where I tried out several beautiful frames...this is the outfit that you guys never got to see! There may have been a few pictures here and there, but I wanted to show you guys the full outfit as another perfect example of how I layer during the fluctuating weather temperatures. This look features one of my favorite brands Boho Betty--peep my left arm--and I did a huge post on them a while back that you can check out here. I love neutral tones and if I was disciplined enough to have a capsule wardrobe it would probably only consist of neutral tones and any items that are colored black (haha) but I do not think that I have reached that level yet.

       I loved this look because it easy and effortless and I incorporated one of my favorite elements of style: LAYERS!  I talked about layering in one of my last style posts Fall Transitions. In this outfit I wore a gorgeous blush tone blazer over a cute white blouse I bought from The Limited. I am not sure how The Limited stores are in other areas, but in North Carolina a lot of them have become more like outlets and usually have amazing deals! I got this white shirt for only $15 dollars white it was originally $50, talk about SAVINGS. The key to layering for this season is light pieces over light pieces or wearing heavier items, such as a blazer or a coat over a look that may be a bit more breezy. This will help you stay comfortable during those its-chilly-in-the-morning-and-blazing-during-the afternoon days (haha).


If you are looking for some gorgeous jewelry pieces to add to your collection don't hesitate to use my link that will get you 20% off of your next Boho Betty purchase! Thank me later! 

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Photography by Audience of One! Check out their feature.

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  1. I love this blush outerwear you have on here. I've been loving this shade the past year and trying to find more blush pieces like this color.


    1. Atsuna,

      Thank you so much! I really love the color as well. You can definitely find similar blush blazers on ASOS!


  2. Loving very casual yet very classy girl! Lovely look!

    Isobel x

    New video:


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