Spring/Summer 2017 was my first season at New York Fashion Week. It was just as hectic and as amazing as I thought it would be, but honestly at first, I was totally freaking out. When I first bought my plane tickets I was like, Okay cool, I got this. Then as time rolled by and my departure date approached, I realized that I was extremely nervous about what to expect. I want to eliminate those feelings as much as I can for you all. That is why I put together 15 tips to help you guys tackle your #NYFW with confidence and ease. It is everyone's first time at something, and I just want to make sure that your time in the Big Apple is great! Don't forget to check out what I wore in my first #NYFW post here.

1. Plan your outfits ahead of time. If you have read any other blogger's tips for surviving #NYFW, I guarantee that this is on their list! It is so vital and important to make sure that you know what you are wearing so you don't over pack unnecessarily and to reduce stress. I got a compliment on how neat and organized my suitcase was (lol). I never had to worry about where anything was or which bottom went with what top. Planning your looks ahead of time motivates you to look forward to the next bomb outfit you have in your fashion week arsenal.

2. Plan your hairstyles ahead of time. Now this may sound silly to some but for me it was another important to-do before heading to the Big Apple. I have natural hair which means it is kinky-coily and most of the time, I can't just whip out some random hairstyle without running into an issue with heat and humidity. I personally opted for a protective style that I could switch up my intertwining different twists that made hair changes last only a few minutes. If you want to have a different look for each day, build up some inspiration on Pinterest so you know exactly what you are looking for. Hair and Clothes are only half the battle.

3. Plan your travels ahead of time. I know plan, plan, plan but this is the last major one I promise (think). I actually found out I would be going to #NYFW the Friday before which was extremely close in terms of purchasing plane tickets. I would strongly advise you to make your decision early about how bad you want to attend. Reach out to PR teams of brands that you have worked for in the past. They may know something about helping you get access to a show, or better yet someone!

4. Know Yourself. I know that I love my sneakers and incredibly comfortable yoga pants. While I did opt out of the yoga pants for my #NYFW look which you can find here, I wanted to be as comfortable as possible while I was switching between working and watching shows. My Nike Free RN Distance sneakers came in clutch as a cute pair of shoes that were comfy but did not take away from my look. If you don't want to wear heels spice up your favorite pair of kicks, or find some loafers or statement flats, they can have the same effect. I am on a mission to make sneakers the new heels anyways, it is okay to stand out (lol).

5. Network with other bloggers in the area or plan to travel with other bloggers from your area. Seeing as I am from NC, it was a little difficult for me to team up with other bloggers I knew because most of them were not able to go to #NYFW. However, I did know a few of my fellow bloggers from my Facebook group that were either going or lived in NYC. Although I did not get to see all of them, it was good getting to see a familiar face. It takes the edge off!

6. Map out your shows and events. Google Maps is going to be your best friend. Map out your day and take notice of how long it will take to get to each of your destinations. Being fashionably late is cute for your best friends' party, not so much for #NYFW, so let's stay professional!

7. Pull Locally. By pull I mean get in touch with local boutiques or brands that might let you borrow fresh new pieces and accessories you can use to spice up your look and help keep you photo ready.

8. Don't shy away from public transit. I originally went to college in the urban setting of Richmond that was pretty close to downtown. It was there that I had to ride my first city bus (still hate them), and learn how to get around on public transportation. Luckily NYC also has subways which is honestly the fastest way to get around. This depends on where you decide to stay--if you are staying in midtown obviously Uber would be the quickest way-- in the city or a little outside. I decided to stay about twenty minutes north of midtown and the subway was only a 15-20 min ride. I never had to worry about traffic!

9. Take time to sight see. As a blogger you will have so many different brands and companies trying to get you to come to their shows and events. Pick wisely. Only attend the events that you think matches well with the vision and personality of the brand and your blog. Getting to know the city outside of #NYFW makes NYC even better. There are plenty of museums and Central Park, so you can clear your head and take time to slow down before your busy fashion-filled days.

10. Take care of yourself. This means hydrating, eating all of your meals and getting good amounts of rest. You will NOT be able to make it through #NYFW, if you are going to bed at 4 a.m. every night and eating loads of junk food. I actually started a new eating regiment where I eat five times a day. I made sure to pack snacks and buy smoothies to make sure I got all my meals in and drank water whenever I could. NYC is strenuous on your body. You will be walking a lot and the long days will take a toll after a while. Make sure you rest!

11. Do not forget business cards! I made this mistake but made sure that I grabbed the ones of different individuals I met which allowed me to follow up with them a few days after the event.

12. Bring a perfect sized clutch. By perfect sized I mean small enough to fit under your arm with no need for a strap, but big enough to stuff flats or Tieks in! You will thank me later!

13. Invest in a portable charger! There were so many times when I needed to charge my phone and I was so happy that my sister's Christmas present came in handy. While I did also try to make sure that my phone was on low battery mode, the endless snaps, videos, and pictures eventually led to a red zone crisis. My Anker portable charger was a life saver on many occasions you can find them on Amazon as well!

14.  Here's an unconventional one, Bring a Pair of Sneakers! As I mentioned before in Tip 4 that I love to be comfortable especially when it comes to my feet. I can wear a nice pair of heels now don't get me wrong, but navigating the city and backstage came easiest when my Nike Free RN Distance sneakers were on my feet. Pairing sneakers with dresses and skirts is quite trendy now, so don't be afraid to try something new! You won't regret it.

15. Don't stress and have fun! It is so easy to get overwhelmed with the happenings of the city and all the events you will have to attend but remember, it is going to be fine! All of your posts are going to get written, you will meet new brands and people, you will make friends and most of all your followers will flourish since attending #NYFW is like the official stamp of approval for your blog (lol)!

I hope you guys enjoyed my tips and do not hesitate to leave any in the comments below from your own personal experiences or needs!

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