A Family Affair

          Wedding or another special occasion to go to this summer? You'll probably need a newer suit or a few accessories and more than likely there is a dress code or certain colors required for said special event. There's ways to be the best man dressed without having to deal with the wedding party shenanigans. Break all the rules. Okay, well maybe not all the rules but the most successful outfits never follow the dress code completely. Play with the color scheme and add your own personal style in there, that is the only thing that will make you stand out from the rest when the drinks and dancing starts!

No tux no problem. You aren't the one getting married anyways! A nice suit will do just fine and will appear more casual but still fit for the occasion.

Dress code calls for navy blue and silver. How about baby blue with gold accessories? 

Model: Mark Alston
Suit: Caravelli
Shirt: H&M
Belt: Hermes

          There's plenty of ways to play around with a color scheme without looking like you showed up to the wrong place. Silver and gold are classically interchangeable for the most part so watches and cuff links can be altered easily. Now when it comes to the main colors, choose a hue that is slightly lighter or maybe darker  than the recommended one. You'll draw a little bit of attention, but since you will remain in the same color family it will be a nice touch!

Check out my About Me page to see more pictures from the wedding! The family collectively brought their fashion game and we weren't taking any prisoners. Ladies this is especially for you! A few looks and ideas for any special occasion where you might need a quick outfit fix! 

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