Let's Talk Fashion: MikeyRoxxBrand Feature

What is MikeyRoxx to you, and what do you want your brand to mean your supporters?

          MikeyRoxx to me, is everything. It’s my everyday life expressed through clothing and designs. I want my brand to be versatile for anyone to wear throughout their everyday life and to make them feel like they are apart of something great. I want them to feel like they are connected to its culture by giving them a deeper and richer experience of what all my clothing line themes are. 

 From my knowledge MikeyRoxx is not a one-man show, how did you comprise such a successful team?

          I found my team based on talents and loyalty. You come across many people in this field and will also work with many people, but there are always ones that stick around and those who do, I believe are there for a reason.

         Carter our PR Specialist I grew up with and  Jay is our PR & Marketing/Networking specialist. I met him when I was first starting the brand. He became a committed supporter of Mikey Roxx back when he was in high school and eventually, I brought him upon the team. Reggie is our video director/producer, I connected with him through his sibling. Alli is our Photographer whom I met at school. When i expressed my dreams and visions to them, they instantly became interested and became a committed supporter and team member. 

You guys carry menswear and women's wear, but I noticed some children's wear from earlier collections. Will we be seeing any in this new collection for Spring/Summer 2015?

         No we won’t have any children’s wear for the Summer, but we have aspirations of creating some for the future.

Where/Whom do you draw inspiration from?

         Everyday life really, I couldn’t make it any more simpler than that. 

 What was the inspiration behind the new collection?

         Summer vibes inspired this collection which then drew inspiration in designing products with more thin materials. The Mikey Roxx team and I envisioned “The Summer Experience” collection to be just that.

What is your favorite piece(s) from the new collection?

         They’re all my favorite, all my pieces are like my kids. I put hard work and dedication into everything I design so its hard to choose; but if I absolutely had to choose I would say the Mikey Roxx Brand slides.

What advice do you have for someone who wishes to start their own clothing line?

         Stay true to who you are and push for what you believe in. Practice your craft every chance you get. Research and connections are really important in this industry. Never give up no matter how hard things get and how much you may want to. I wanted to give up so many times and every time something or someone would remind me of the reason I want this in the first place. 

What is your favorite part of the whole creation process, from selecting materials to finished product?

         Seeing the thoughts and designs in your mind transferred to reality right in front of you. It’s beautiful.

Website: MikeyRoxxBrand
Instagram: @mikeyroxxbrand

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