Men Like Accessories: How to Style Necklaces for Men

        We've covered bracelets, rings, and today we are tackling my favorite, necklaces! If you are just now tuning into my series on "Men Like Accessories" then you should check out my other posts on the other accessories mentioned here and here.

        Gold, silver, black, and leather are my go-to basics when choosing a new accessory.  I picked out a few options from ASOS as foundation for inspiration. Most of them are regular to mid-length. I recommend chains no smaller than the collar of your t-shirt and no longer than about 3 inches above your navel.

           In my personal opinion necklaces can be the easiest accessory to style for guys. You can choose to be decorative with a pendant or two, or decide to keep it plain with a single chain. The key to necklaces is making sure you have several favorites. I've been guilty of wearing a new necklace repetitively to the point where I, and others get bored with it. On the contrary, if  you are looking for a long-term relationship with a piece, then I suggest you save up for something of semiprecious or genuine materials to get a much regular wear out of it as possible. 

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