When Your Photographer is This Good...

How did you first become interested in photography? Has it always been a hobby? 

          I've always been interested in capturing moments ever since I was a little kid. I can remember begging my parents to take me to get my film developed from my disposable cameras.

          I started taking photography seriously probably a year after I bought my first DSLR camera, a canon t3i with the kit lens bundle. I initially bought this for filmmaking, which was what I was doing primarily at the time and ended up stumbling upon photography because I just so happened to have a camera that could take decent photos. 

           The turning point was probably when I started being recognized for my work. There's no greater feeling than to have artwork that I created make an impression on and effect a person emotionally just as if they were there with me when I was shooting. That sparked the idea that made me think to myself, "hey I might actually be able to turn this thing I do for fun into an actual profession." Two years later, I'm beginning to make a name for myself and having a blast in the process. 

 What are some tips you might have for aspiring photographers?

           To be honest with you, I still feel like I'm an aspiring artists myself. I still feel like I have yet to arrive. Which is a good thing because that feeling keeps me hungry and keeps me pushing towards greatness. I guess if I had to give some tips it would be three things that I feel are the foundations to my successes thus far; Do what you love, always stay true to yourself, and networking is key. These beliefs are what I attribute to the majority of my successes. All of which come second to the #1 rule, putting God first in all things. God's blessed me with many talents and I believe that I am obligated to study and perfect my crafts to the best of my ability. 

After collaboration with several brands/artists, what is the one shoot that has impacted you the most?

          I've had several shoots that I feel have my an impact on who I am as an artist today, too many to mention without writing a full essay. From my first fashion shoot ever with my good friend Chelsea Hall, to numerous shoots with Alex Cunningham that contributed to a huge amount of growth in myself as an artist, to my shoot with Kierraplease that got over 100k notes on tumblr and tons of social media attention. 

          The shoot that has impacted me the most recently, was my shoot with Ink Magazine and Ameera Delandro (contestant on The Voice.) This was the first shoot that I've gotten to work with a full team of people, directors, stylist, MUAs, PAs, BTS videographers, etc. I've longed for a chance to do collaborative work of this magnitude and it really is an amazing feeling to have an entire team of creatives standing by your side, all with one common goal of creating beautiful art. This shoot really set the tone for what I want to strive towards doing in future shoots. For me it's all about elevating to a higher level, so this is just the beginning of a huge journey, with only more to come. 

As a blogger and sewer, I have my favorite devices I use to execute my crafts. What kind of camera do you prefer to shoot with?

           Definitely in love with Canons line of DSLRs. Right now I'm shooting with a 6D and I have to say,the dynamic range of the full frame sensor on this camera just blows me away. So much depth and value in my images even when shooting super wide at 24mm, the contrast and details are all there. 

I've watched your work transition and grow over the past couple years, what do you want to do with photography in the future?

          I really would like to push my artistry as far as I can. Print ads, publishings, films, etc. I would love to end up in California and be successful enough to make a decent living doing art.  

IG: j.maclin
Twitter: joshmaclin

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