7 Trends from #NYFWM that need to Stay

          Trends come and go, but some are meant to stay forever! Okay maybe not forever, but for a while...enough to get a good excessive use out of them (ha!). In my piece covering our favorite brands from #NYFWM I discussed how all the collections I chose had a strong use of neutral colors in common. It got me thinking what other trends I saw throughout that week and which ones were my favorite. Similar to our Yay Or Nay trend posts here are our 7 choices for trends that need to definitely Stay!

All White Everything Public School

Girls we caught onto this trend pretty early, but I still have yet to see many guys try to pull this off. Its effortless while still sophisticated and can be worn to nearly any occasion with the right pieces!

Dark Neutrals Public School

I love dark neutrals and I don't see an issue with them being worn year round. Obviously in the summer dark colors are neglected due to their tendency to hold heat, but for transition into the warm season they are perfect! 

"Dressy" Athleisure Loris Diran

If you're a loyal reader then you know that Athleisure has to be one of my all-time favorite trends ever! Simply because I love being comfortable while still looking cute. Even though guys can get away with basketball shorts and white tees doesn't mean thats what they should resort to everyday. Athleisure gives us that fashionably comfy lee way to blur the lines a little bit. Why not see how far we can take this trend?

Layering Hues John Elliot and Co.

Monochromatic outfits can have a little pizazz too when you mix different shades of the same color. In women's wear we have seen this implemented by Solange and several others who will take one color in several shades to make the best outfit combination you've ever seen! 

Mandals a.k.a Man Sandals Craft Atlantic

I know a few people who are totally against wearing their feet out (my boyfriend being one of them) but I like my toes to be free! I feel like everyone should enjoy that luxury so Mandals needs to be a  thing! It gets too hot in the summer for sneakers sometimes and who wants to wear a full pair of shoes at the beach? Ditch those and get you some Mandals that compliment your feet...and make sure they are done a pedicure never hurt anyone (fyi)! 

Sneakers with Tailored Pants Engineered for Motion

Some say it's not classy but I think a nice pair of sneakers can compliment almost any look especially in menswear. Plus if you have the confidence to pull something off I say do it, people might laugh in the beginning but they always come around.

Two Piece Sets Timo Weiland

It could be my current obsession with two piece sets ( I need one and have been looking for one for months, if you know where  I can find one let me know!), but I just think they are the greatest. Two piece sets need to make their way out of the suit category and into casual life.

Which trend is your favorite? Which one would you most likely wear?

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