Ms. Kieraplease

Who (or what) would you say inspires your style the most?

          What inspires me the most is the multitude of different styles. It fascinates me how an individual can change the vibe, mood, or feel of what they're wearing just by an article of clothing and how it's paired with another.

 Name one style rule, you think every woman should break?

          Don't be afraid to mix completely different prints and patterns.

 How do you choose your outfits, do you wake up and go by mood or is there a little more strategy involved?

          It depends on how I want to look and also the weather plays a big role too lol. Some days I may feel bohemian and others I feel more cyber ghetto.  It depends on how I want to portray myself that day and I go from there picking pieces that correlate with the specific style.  However, some days I just wing it!

I've always known you as the sweet girl who managed to look best dressed on campus, does it ever feel weird to know thousands of people know you that you haven't met before?

          I don't think it's hit me yet lol. I don't really realize that people may know me without me knowing them.  It's still always super shocking and cool when someone comes up to me because they recognized me from the internet.   

What's something you like all of your followers and The Strong Suit readers to know about Kiera? 

           That I love cartoons lol, I literally could watch Bob Burgers, Adventure Time, or South Park all day.

What's your favorite social media platform to showcase your outfits?

          Tumblr because I can post various pictures in one photoset showing the entire outfit.

You've done some modeling for various brands (seen in our older Alter Ego feature) is that something you would like to pursue or just for fun?

           I do it mainly for fun and by request, it's not something I vigorously seek out to do.

 What is your favorite item in your closet right now?

           My light blue baggy ripped boy jeans. They're super comfortable and make me feel like I'm in TLC.

Besides fashion, what other things are you interested in? I noticed that you had a soundcloud link in your Instagram?

          I just started getting into producing beats! I'm not the best, but I'm learning and growing. I also am playing around with photography. I think it's important to dabble in a wide variety of different fields.  I believe it helps you evolve and expand your creativity.

Outfit: @_goldsoul_
Tumblr: kieraplease

Photographer: Josh Maclin

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