Brunch at Tupelo

My brother and I have developed a tradition where we go out to eat a few times a month and try different local restaurants. Him and my sister-in-law have been raving about Tupelo Honey Cafe for months now and I was super excited to finally get to try their food. I attempted to have brunch at the restaurant earlier this year on a girls day out but it was ridiculously crowded and I was too hungry to wait (lol). Yesterday I finally made it to the Cafe and this time my brother and I made sure to make a reservation.


I decided on chicken and pancakes! I've had chicken and waffles before (which if you haven't had then you definitely need to try) and this entree was just as delicious. The pancake was actually sweet potato based, including granola in the batter! Add a few pecans, butter, and syrup it was the perfect combination for brunch. Tupelo Honey Cafe is such a cute restaurant with a cozy artistic feel. We talked to one of the hostesses who actually informed us that the art featured in the Cafe was created by a commissioned artist. Our waiter and the hostesses were so friendly in helping us choose from the menu, suggesting their personal favorites. The only other Tupelo Honey Cafe is in Asheville, NC! So if you're close to Raleigh then you should definitely make that trip! 

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