Trend Report: Tommy Hilfiger

          Sometimes, school can be helpful (ha!) and I mean that in the best way possible! Recently I came across an assignment that I did that caused me to analyze my favorite aspects of a #NYFW fashion show. Only after completing it did I realize this would be a great thing for the blog and would help me cover my favorite shows during fashion week season easier (cause it's a jungle out there!). #NYFW has passed but here is my trend report on Tommy Hilfiger and everything I loved about his SS16 show!

Inspiration: The Island life of sandy beaches, a salty breeze palm trees and the isle of Mustique inspired Tommy Hilfiger in his collection filled with bohemian vibes. Bob Marley's persona and style also served as inspiration to the designer who included redone, younger sentiments of the singer throughout the collection: soccer track suit, bucket hats. Hilfiger successfully created the perfect environment for this show, my favorite aspect being the boardwalk runway. It's the small details that can really set the tone before a model even touches the runway.

Why I Chose: I chose Tommy Hilfiger because this SS16 collection seemed to reach out of its comfort zone to embrace a diverse sub-culture. It was definitely a collection I could relate to compared to previous shows, from the diversity in models to unique textile elements such as crotchet being displayed. I immediately loved several pieces from the collection and--like I said earlier--the boardwalk runway really helped create that beachy vibe. The vibrant colors and patterns played well together. I loved the bohemian, laid-back essence of this collection and I would love to see more of it, it is always nice to see brand evolve. Some of my favorite looks were:


Trends to Implement: The use of platform shoes, 70's styles stripes, color blocking, and floral print were some of my favorite trends displayed in this collection. I really plan to implements these trends into my fall wardrobe, seeing as I already have a few pair of platform heels and I just acquired some flared jersey pants from my cousin! I really love that 70's styled fashion is coming back but I am still on the hunt for a striped dress that contains all the classic 70's colors: green, yellow, blue, orange, red, purple. Color blocking always manages to make its in and out of our hearts but this time its back with a twist. I suggest trying to color block in a different way this fall, instead of staying within the same color family venture out into complementary and maybe even tertiary colors.

How do you feel about Tommy Hilfiger's SS16 show? What were your favorite pieces? What did you like/dislike? What would you change if you were the designer?

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