A few years ago 3D printing was a thing of the future! The printers capabilities weren't fully understood and our first thoughts usually went to medical textiles (fake bones, implants, all of that). Well 3D printing has become very real in a short amount of time and creative minds all over the world are putting this new method of creating material to use. Danit Peleg, a graduate from Shankar College of Engineering and Design located in Israel created her entire graduate collection with a 3D printer.

“I wanted to create a ready-to-wear collection printed entirely at home using printers that anyone can get!”

          She gleamed inspiration largely from Andreas Bastian who used 3D mesostructured materials (3D objects printed from rigid plastics) that took on flexible, bendable, and other wearable characteristics. Pelage herself chose to use FilaFlex filaments. By combining both her and Bastian's processes she was able to control the plastic similar to how other designers manipulate normal fabrics. Pelage printed out her collection using her Witbox FDM desktop 3D printer. Each dress took a whopping 400 hours to print and she made shoes to match each ensemble so her models were dressed in 100% 3D printed attire for the showcase.

          I came across this story and was fascinated. 3D printing is a subject we covered in class that was still considered extremely "experimental." This concept and method was taken on by an amateur-now-expert and used in the world of fashion. Pelage made and amazing entrance into the industry challenging not only others in the game, but herself to step up their own personal meaning and creative approach to fashion. Her pieces look amazing! The "nude" look for apparel is really in for women right now so she could not have been more fashionably correct with her collection. It is truly individuals like Danit Pelage who push industries to be as creative as possible. One mind can serve as inspiration to us all just by sharing their curiosity fueled by the passion for their craft!

How do you feel about 3D printed garments? Would you wear an outfit that was printed? How does Ms. Pelage's success inspire you to expand the boundaries in your creativity?

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