Another Trend Report coming your way, and this time we're covering TOPSHOP Unique!

Inspiration: The inspiration to this collection is said to be the beautiful British rebel, who is the first to post on social media at any social engagement. A fashion forward and confident girl, who can pull off anything. Even if it is her boyfriend's wardrobe (with a stylish twist of course)!

Why I Chose: I chose TOPSHOP Unique because I've recently fallen in love with the brand, and their collections continue to get better and more relatable to the current fashion trends. You can find something sophisticated but casual, or you could purchase something for a Girls Night Out. Now that Ciara is the new face of TOPSHOP, I am so excited to see what else the brand will do in the future.

Trends: The "boyfriend" look of many of the structured blazers and jackets really call out comfort to me. Boyfriend jeans are amazing and sometimes it is better to trade in tight for loose and accentuate different aspects of your outfit. I also love asymmetrical dresses that can draw attention to a nice waistline, but can still be appropriate for work and church (it matters)!! Look 25 is a matching set and if you pay attention to me at all then you know that I have been trying to find a two piece set for like, a year now. :( Two piece sets are an outfit same and almost as easy as dresses. You can wear them together or switch it up with other pieces in your wardrobe.  I feel a DIY creeping up on how to pizzaz your basic strappy heels with a few furry elements. TOPSHOP inspiration! Here's a few of my favorite looks from the collection:


What do you think about TOPSHOP's recent collection? Do you think TOPSHOP made the right decision by choosing Ciara to be the face of their brand? What is your favorite piece from this collection or a collection in the past?

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