H&M All in my Closet

            H&M and their amazing sales bring joy to my wardrobe and my wallet! This whole entire outfit is from H&M, literally from head to toe. I have had my sandals for a couple years now and love them and H&M recently came out with a few different colors. I will definitely pick those up before the summer is over. I am not sure if you guys have realized but I am pretty sure H&M is taking over my closet because my last couple of Life's Styles posts have included an H&M product as the main item for my look! I bought this shirt for $10 this past week and the skirt was purchased during my birthday weekend (yay festivities)! I don't own many green items in my wardrobe (the only other green shirt I have is from H&M seen in my Holiday's outfit post) so I thought this would be a great addition since I knew for sure I did not own anything like it.

           One thing that I love the most about this shirt is the fact that it buttons all the way down. That way I can dress it up or down and wear it as a full shirt or a cover up for a sheer tank top. My skirt often reads as black but it is actually navy blue. It is a perfect mini skirt if there ever was one but still holds a sophisticated structure which I love. I have not worn this skirt with many outfits since my birthday but I am so excited to start styling it with different tops now that the warm weather is indefinitely a thing. 

          I get a lot of questions about my necklace every time I wear it and unfortunately I have had it for such a long time that I can't quite remember where I got it from. I want to say that I bought this from Target like freshman year of high school (circa 2008) but it may have been earlier than that. All I know is that this necklace has survived high school, freshman year of college, me leaving school, going back to school, and me somehow destroying ever item in my jewelry collection. I think it is safe to say I might have this necklace forever (lol)! 

        All together, this outfit was perfect for a cute day out and about with the girls or maybe even for work (in my case retail definitely not office)! Don't be afraid to play with different colors this summer even if they might belong in a different season!

Shirt, Skirt, Sandals: H&M
Necklace: Target

What new stylish strategies do you want to try this summer? How do you plan on going about it? What brands do you plan on using to carry out your aspirations?

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