How to Style your Crocs

          This past weekend I went to TJMaxx to shop for my Dad's Father's Day gift (they have amazing name brand watches for a great price by the way but I digress) per usual, I decided to swing by the shoe section and see what gems I might be able to find and I came across these babies! It wasn't the cute black and white print that sold me it was the pure shock when I discovered the brand name: CROCS. Wait, Crocs aren't cute. They all look like orthopedic shoes right? Wrong. Seriously wrong. I caught wind of the new designs by Crocs when one of my fashion teachers wore these cute jelly-like pointed flats to class one day. I was like wow these flats look like Crocs except...cute. Complimented her on them and did not think anything else about it. Flash forward a couple of months and I had to get these shoes to make them apart of my growing collection.

            Jean shirts are my favorite items that I own in my closet and I plan on doing a blog post on various ways to wear you favorite Chambray shirt. I realized from looking through all of my Life's Styles posts that I have worn a jean shirt in the majority of them so I think that would really help you guys styling wise if you're thinking about purchasing one, or if you might be stuck on how to switch up your outfits! So definitely stay tuned for that. This velvet skirt is from Love Culture and fits like a glove! I have worn it during the winter and wearing it during warm weather was not much of a difference, seeing as it seems to be the perfect transitional piece during weather changes.

                      I finally had the last interview of my series of interviews for the week and I love this outfit that I ended up wearing with my new Croc Wedges. You guys know my love for jean shirts has no limits but this time instead of wearing it as a cover up I wore it buttoned up and accented my collar with a new necklace I got from H&M for THREE dollars. Yeah you read it right. Three dollars. I will be over zealous about all of my jewelry purchases for like the next five months because I accidentally threw away all my jewelry when I moved out from my dorm this past semester. It was heartbreaking because I finally had the perfect rotation of statement necklaces and dainty earrings. So now I am officially back in the process of building up my jewelry collection and you guys can expect to see a post on my mini jewelry haul from H&M really soon!

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Love Culture
Shoes: Crocs courtesy of TJMaxx
Jewelry: H&M, Pandora
Watch: Fossil

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