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          Teva recently announced it's first celebrity collaboration with singer Jhene Aiko last week. This collaboration is a match made in paradise and it focuses on the joy of exploration and self-expression.  I for one love Jhene, I have been a fan since her underground days and to see her accomplish so much in her career is inspiring. She seems like such a humble soul, after putting out her first solo album a few years ago she shocked us again with Twenty88 in collaboration with rapper Big Sean. Focusing on one collaboration at a time...(lol but you guys should definitely go listen to it, its amazing!)

          The Teva x Jhene Aiko collection starts at $60 and features three personalized styles: Original Universal, Hurricane XLT, and Flatform Universal.  They can be purchased at or The Flatform Universal is a personal favorite of mine. I am 5'3 a little height never hurt, you know? On a serious note, platforms are all the rage as the trends from the 70's continue going strong. You get the extra height of heels without the stress on your ankles and arches! What's not to love? Erika Gabrielli, Teva's director of marketing gave her opinions about the expected success of their project with Aiko,

Hurricane XLT
Flatform Universal
Original Universal

" Jhene embodies the spirit of self-expression, search for positivity, and a sense of exploration that are at the core of the Teva ethos." 

          Everything about Jhene just screams good vibes and below I put together a few snippets from several interviews I found to give you guys a good idea of Jhene's thought process behind the collection, some were personal favorites of mine. I truly believe that regardless of what you do in life you should always put a little bit of yourself into your work. Jhene did just that with this collaboration and it definitely shows (you guys know I love collabs, I can't resist). Let me know what you guys think and which sandal is your favorite! 

What drew you to Teva?
       I am in a time in my life where I am really appreciating the importance of exploring. I love what Teva represents and how they encourage people to go outside and discover new things. To me, the outer journey reflects the inner journey.

What connected you to the brand?

       I discovered Teva on a trip I took to Hawaii, and I really felt like I found the perfect sandal. When we sat down to design the collection, I was really inspired by my love for nature and friendship bracelets! I grew up making them and I still do.

Jhene wearing the Hurricane XLT

Why did you decide to incorporate friendship bracelets into the design of the sandal?

        In the design process, there were so many cool things to choose from. With Teva, they literally have everything you can think of. I did want to keep it simple and keep it true to myself, and friendship bracelets are definitely something that I love to make and love to share. And for me, being able to offer it to people that listen to my music—and even people that don’t—it’s just like a friendship sandal [laughs] because I really wear mine, and I’m excited for other people to have them and to experience the versatility of them. I literally have a dress that matches the Tevas so perfectly—I didn’t even realize, and it’s my favorite dress. Now it goes with my favorite sandal! So yeah, I think that the friendship bracelet thing is very true to myself, and I wanted the sandal to be also.

Jhene wearing the Flatform Universal

What’s your favorite style in the collection?
        The Flatform Universal. I’m 5’2”, so it helps me feel a little more taller. The Hurricane is sporty, while the Universal is more every day. The Flatform is about fashion; the in thing. When I was younger and the Spice Girls were big, girls liked to wear the big chunky shoes. It’s nostalgic for me to wear something like this again. Style-wise, the color palette goes very well with denim from shorts to ripped-up jeans; also sun dresses and long dresses for the summer. Because there are so many colors in the palette, it’s cool to pick up on the different ones. I have a long yellow dress that has hints of blue and I wore my sandals with it. Perfect.

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How do you think this collaboration helped Teva as a brand? What else would you like to see from the brand in the future?

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