All Choked Up: 10 Chokers for Under $20

           Every since I was a little girl I have heard my mom say things like "Oh my gosh! I can't believe these are back in style," or "I used to wear this growing up! That is not a new trend girl, just fashion coming back around." I  personally never knew how that felt until I walked into Forever 21 a few months ago and saw several different chokers in their accessories section. It was a total No-Way-This-Is Happening-to-Me moment. Like am I really that old to have experienced a full fashion cycle? My mind traveled back to my first Apparel Design class, where my teacher explained how every 20-30 years certain trends come back in style, usually by their decade. The 90s are back and all the rage now, with chokers as the leading trend once again.

          At first I was wondering how long this new obsession with chokers and the 90s would last. I mean it was one of the greatest decades after all (yes I am extremely biased), but could it really stand the test of time in our ever changing industry? Seems like I am not the only one thinking about longevity. Earlier this month Racked announced it was doing a choker watch. 

"In our lightning fast-fashion system, there is virtually no chance whatsoever that such an omnipresent accessory could continue to be relevant by midnight on December 31st, 2016. At some point in the next five months, chokers will no longer be a staple of important celebrity events like Gigi Hadid’s 21st birthday party, and instead make up the clearance section at Forever 21. But today is not that day...Chokers: still a thing, for now. Stay tuned for more important choker-related updates as we attempt to determine when, precisely, the choker will finally free society’s collective neck."

          So it is now or never to jump on this trend and luckily for you I am here to help you guys figure out how the choker can fit into your accessory rotation. A choker immediately adds an element of edge to an outfit. What I love the most about chokers is that it makes your neck the focal point, i.e bringing more attention to your face. I grew up with tattoo chokers and velvet ribbon to tie around my neck, but now a days chokers have become a little more intricate. I made this blog graphic specifically with you guys in mind for different chokers you can style in order to achieve different looks. They will all be linked below just in case you guys want to purchase, but for now three tips and tricks to pull of the choker trend! 

1. Layer. Don't be afraid to mix this trend up with a lengthy necklace. Trying this look with a  deep v-neck top will accentuate your collar bones for that extra pop! You could try this with an off the shoulder top as well.

2. Play Dress Up. Like I said earlier, there is more to chokers besides stretch magic string. Play with different elements like lace and various metals. Don't forget that chokers can be dressed up for any occasion. See LULUS lace choker, and Gothic choker courtesy of Etsy.

3. Mix and Match. You guys know I love to mix and match my accessories all the time, and chokers are no different. Wear a tattoo choker with a velvet one, or experiment with a dressy and casual look. Don't place limitations on yourself. The Tarolei velvet choker from Nordstrom Rack is a perfect example. It is basically two chokers in one!

If all else fails, learn to make your own! I recently took up the craft of making tattoo chokers which turned out to be pretty fun. There are so many different tutorials and DIY posts on Pinterest, so don't hesitate to explore.  I know one of my friends has made plenty of cute chokers from cheap headbands you can find almost anywhere! I hope this managed to help you guys in some way!

What choker did you love the best? Which tip do you plan on trying, or which one did you like the best? How do you feel about the choker trend making its comeback?

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