Denim Days and 3 Ways to Mix Metals

          With everything that has been going on lately, being able to jump in front of the camera again with a smile on my face means more than you all will ever know! More than half of the year is over now can you believe it? I took some time to reflect on my favorite moments of the year so far and decided that I will be creating a smile jar: a jar I fill with my favorite memories to reflect upon during New Year's Eve. This year has been filled with nothing but blessings for myself and loved ones around me and I am already excited to see what these last few months will bring. With that being said one exciting thing is that I have fallen in love with JEANS again! (dramatic gasp) I literally just said a few posts ago that I hated jeans with a fiery passion, which was true but I always knew that I would just need to find a good brand that met my needs.


So take this from me you guys, if you don't really love jeans and you tend to struggle between wearing leggings every day and looking cute, maybe it isn't you. Maybe it's the jeans. I used to buy my jeans at the cheapest price fast fashion provided them (usually under $10) and always felt like I was getting over by saving so much money, when really I was shorting myself of good quality denim. After a couple of washes, my jeans got strangely loose and disfigured which sucks when they weren't meant to be boyfriend style in the first place. I recently made a big girl decision and decided that if I am going to buy jeans then they need to be better quality. I bought two pairs of jeans from Express and got them for under $40! They usually run about $70+ per pair so that was literally a steal for me. In this post I am wearing the High Waisted Bell Crop jeans in a dark wash and I literally love them. My other pair (Barely Boot) are made from the extra soft material which is ALMOST legging comfort worthy but I will wait to see how they hold up for a day in a outfit post coming soon! 

So I am back on the jean scene (humor me) and I would love to know what other jeans Express has that you guys love or other brands you prefer to get your jeans from. In this outfit I really wanted to concentrate on the accessories rather than my actual articles of clothing but I was really excited to share the progress I've made in my relationship with jeans in hope to inspire some other legging stricken fashionista with the guts to do the same as well! I know a lot of people hate mixing metals and I used to be one of them until I learned how to do it the right way! 

When Mixing Metals:

1. Do layer. Whether it is bracelets or rings, this look is pulled off the best when the colors seem to mesh together instead of competing against one another by being grouped gold vs. silver etc.

2. Play with Colors. I always always always wear my Pandora jewelry and I have a few charms that always add a little bit of color to my jewelry composition. Embrace it!

3. Have a Theme. I usually go for a dainty look with my jewelry due to the fact I love to wear a lot of items at once and I don't want my accessories to over power my actual outfit. Having a theme can help you decided which items in your collection go best together for the look that you are trying to achieve. Try to switch things up by pairing items together that you didn't originally see working, almost like a jewelry collage.

4. Pay Attention to Detail. I have one Pandora charm that is rose gold, one that is pink, a multi-colored one and a silver one. This allows me to cover a lot of different color choices when choosing other accessories. The little things always count in the end.

5. Balance. I always try to make sure that I never have too much of one thing. Here I think I did pretty well, I tend to wear more silver (lowkey my favorite) but my Fossil watch is pretty prominent on my wrist. My earrings have all the tones I am wearing in them, tying everything together perfectly.

I know people will still probably cringe at the thought of wearing more than one metal but I think that it's something every fashionista should explore! What is your favorite items to mix and match?

 Shirt: Love Culture / Jeans: Express / Shoes: TOPSHOP / Purse: ALDO / Jewelry: Pandora / Watch: Fossil

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  1. Love your shoes and great advice on mixing metals! Since you hate jeans lol, have you tried Fashion Nova jeans yet?? There's always a discount and their jeans are more of a legging material! I own so many pairs! Check them out if you haven't!

    1. Jaleesa

      These are my favorite pair of flats ever! I got them as a gift from TOPSHOP! I recently just bought a pair of cheetah print flats (OOTD post coming soon) from Charlotte Russe for like $12!! I know they have shoes like mine at Express also. Girl yes lol. I just got a new job this summer, but before I was working at a sports store so it was leggings every day. I have not tried Fashion Nova yet but I am excited too now I just need something that is comfortable. Thanks for the suggestion!