10 Tips for a College Transfer

            As an established transfer student, I know how difficult it can be to adjust to a new environment, especially if you never thought you would need to do any adjusting in the first place. My personal transfer story is unlike most. I always thought I would go to one university and graduate within four years, and then I would get a job like any other college graduate. In the middle of my Sophomore year of college I found out that I didn't have enough money to finish out the school year. In the midst of scrambling for funds, with no help from my school (except to remind me that I owed them money of course) I eventually got everything I needed. I was then informed that even though I know had the funds, I would not be able to register for classes seeing as registration had ended the day prior.

This series of stressful events caused me to be bitter towards everything that higher education stood for. I left school in the middle of the year and took off a semester in order to apply to new universities. The following months were definitely hard but it made me stronger and gave me the willpower to accomplish my dreams even the more. So whether you decided to leave by choice and embark on a new journey, or had a nasty encounter with the reality of college business, you too can be happy at your new home! I wrote a post similar to this last summer but there were only 5 Tips. This time I vamped it up a little bit with a total of 10 tips that I think will help you guys in your upcoming transition! I hope you all enjoy this post, but I pray your new universities even more!

Go to Orientation.

As a transfer student, you are basically a freshman again. I know it's tough, and it feels strange, but orientation will help a TON! At orientation I was surrounded by hundreds of other students like me who were embarking on a new journey. I must admit it made me feel better. I never got a formal tour of my University's campus before orientation, so I am happy that I went. In the following months if I ever got lost, I could always recall a building that I saw during orientation that would help me find my way home.

Get Involved!

This has to be one of the most important aspects of being a college transfer (hence the length). Yes you know how college works, and figuring out the geography of your University's campus might come easy to you, but you don't know anything about this school. The true nature of a University lies within the culture of its students and the only way you can get to know that culture is by participating in events around campus. This year will be my third year at my new home school and I am just now finding my "social groove."

My first year after I transferred I was still pretty bitter about how I left my previous school and it affected how I interacted with others and saw college as a whole. My second year I felt more comfortable at my new school, but I still had those moments where I felt completely left out and alone. School hasn't started yet but I am pretty sure my senior year is going to be the best school year  ya girl has ever had! My previous year I laid the foundation for social success by participating on campus, and getting a job at my University's gym.

This forced me to be interact with people on a daily basis and I began to make friends without really noticing. I still have yet to do a post on it (forgive me) but I also won a pageant at my school in which I made a clothing line for my talent (fashion rules everything around me). My job promotion on campus and winning a pageant that was dear to my heart ,made all the difference in how I felt about my school and the new world I had created for myself. Isolating yourself is not the answer. It is just going to make you depressed and bitter. Things are different, but sometimes change is good right?

The world is not over. You will meet new people, you will make new friends.

Positivity is important when making a big life change. They say great things happen outside of your comfort zone and I wouldn’t take back any of my experiences as a transfer. I met great people and friends who I now can not imagine my life without.

Get to know the people in your major.

Speaking of friends, the best ones you can make will be in your major! When midterms and finals come around you will need people you can rely on for study sessions and Starbucks runs. Find out what groups your specific college participates in, or what events they hold throughout the school year. Trust me when group projects start getting assigned you will be glad you got to know your classmates.

The bad left your friends. The good news..nobody knows what your wardrobe looks 

No more fear of repeating the same outfit! When you move to a new place you can decide to completely reinvent your style (which I played with) or you could wear all your favorite outfits the first week without having to spend a dime! Finding small things like this to focus on really make a difference when adapting to a new place. I loved planning out my outfits, so I would have something to look forward to, when you dress well you feel well! It works!

Live on Campus (or as close to campus as possible).

I know this will probably make you guys roll your eyes but hear me out. Remember when I said transfer students are basically freshmen? I know plenty of freshmen and college transfers that didn't stay on campus their first year and they kinda regret it. Staying in a dorm or and apartment on campus really helps foster the sense of " Hey I'm in college!" After all what is college without dorm life?

Do not expect anything, and never compare.

One of the biggest mistakes I made was secretly expecting my new school to be similar to my old school. It is like treating your new significant other like your ex, bound for trouble right? Walking in to new places with little expectations helps prevent disappointments. You can truly accept your new home when you stop measuring it up to your old one.

Get an on campus job.

I mentioned earlier that I got a job at my University's gym and it definitely helped me interact and befriend new people. If you work on campus then you will be able to get to know the students and other individuals that host or go to the events your school holds. For me, working at the gym has been the best experience because I have met different individuals on my job, along with the different Faculty and Staff that work at my school. Interaction and participation is key!

Learn to find things to love about your new home. You will surely notice things you don't like about places from the past.

I can not say how many times that I think to myself, I can't believe I actually used to put up with these conditions before. Even though I couldn't see it at the time, I think I was slowly outgrowing my old school, along with some of the people there. I also think it was realized that I wouldn't leave on my own, so something had to happen in order for me to get to where I needed to be in life. As time goes on I realize that my move was definitely for the better! Things are not perfect over night, but small victories win the war!

Change your perception of...change. 

Sometimes things happen in our lives called “interruptions,” that ticket we got unexpectedly or a flat tire on a tight scheduled morning to work. We automatically think of these things in a negative light because at the time they serve no proper purpose for us, instead of realizing that sometimes bad things happen to prevent worse things. Learning to be content with our interruptions and accepting our situations as they are, can only help with building a positive mindset and a positive life. Get involved in your new surroundings and focus on the positive and eventually everything negative will become negligible.

I really hoped this helped some of you! Enjoy your summer and keep your head up, and don't forget fashion makes everything better! Use this time to experiment with your style and step out of your sartorial comfort zone. What advice would you offer to a transfer student? 

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