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           Last week I told you guys that I would be traveling to Boston to see my best friend for her birthday (dancing girl emoji). It has been a world wind since I have arrived and I have been sharing most of my adventure on my InstaSnap, snapchat, thingie bob. Speaking of that let's just take a quick detour for a second.

          How crazy is it that Instagram tried to knock Snapchat out of the game by creating "Insta-stories." I feel like that is the correct terminology but I am not really sure how I feel about this social media hybrid. First of all, I follow a lot of people on Instagram and when I was watching their stories it was like an overwhelming bombardment of personality. There are so many people whose voices, mannerisms, and habits I did not pick up on through their feed and pictures. On one hand it is great for individuals like myself who have our normal lives and then are normal lives for our blog. On the other hand, it is really just so much to keep up with everyone and their personal lives, blogs, youtube channels, and businesses constantly. So BASICALLY I am not sure how I feel about it when it comes to using it for my personal life but for the blog it is amazing. With that being said make sure you follow me on Insta (Genuinely_AA) to follow me through the rest of my Boston Trip.

Now back to business. This trip was really important to me for three reasons.

1. I finally get to see my best friend after three months (that is a really long time for us).

2. It was my first plane ride by myself.

3. I paid for the whole trip by myself with no help from Mom and Dad.

          Being independent is really important to me and I try to be as self-sufficient as possible. I knew this trip was coming up and originally I did not know how I was going to pay for everything, but the big guy knew my desires and everything was taken care of.  My friend I visited was the first person I met at my new school when I transferred. I originally did not think too much of it when we first hung out as I was still really bitter about having to be overly social and get to know people again (being bitter is not cool don't do it). Over time we became inseparable and I was too excited when she began to accomplish her dreams after graduation. Even if that meant moving 13 hours away (real tears).

Knowing that I am the sight-seeing geek I am she planned my visit out to perfection with adventures in Boston Common, Back Bay, and shopping on Newbury Street. With the weather in mind I decided on my two piece set from H&M! I finally got a matching set you guys. If you have been a reader of mine then you know that it might have taken a year but it is done! I can not wait to get more actually. They are so convenient and I can wear the pieces together or separate. I know that this pattern was extremely popular this summer, I am always seeing someone with the top or bottoms. This easy and breathable set allowed me to explore comfortably without getting too hot or to cold. Just perfect man. Such a great buy.

I kept it simple when it came to shoes and accessories, but I made sure to wear my Boho Betty bracelets. You can find my code here or at the bottom of this post! It was such a great compliment to the colors in my outfit and the white made that extra pop. I love Boston so far. It is definitely a city of character and history and I can not wait to visit again. Keep an eye out for a suggested list of things that you guys should do! All on the blog when I get back and settled.

 Happy Birthday Bestie! Thank you for showing me your new home. Love you (thug tears only).

Top (In Stores): H&M / Bottom (similar): H&M / Sandals: H&M

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Boho Betty Code: STRONG

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