Zayn and Versace

        I first heard about the Zayn Malik and Versace capsule collaboration via Instagram, and my first reaction was like wait what?! Zayn and Versace? Him designing?! I have to find out more about this, and I must admit social media can be annoyingly misleading because Donatella Versace is not handing over the company. In fact, she is working with Zayn in a way to reach into a new market that she desires to better understand. The boy band member turned designer will be working with Versace on the Versus Versace collection which has always found a way to connect fashion with music, specifically Rock 'n' Roll.

Versace told Vogue, "Versus was always close to music, linked always. The foo fighters have performed live. And they were young, just the beginning. Prince performed another show. Lenny Kravitz performed another show. So it was always were rock ’n’ roll and fashion start to meet. And we always called Versus the ‘Rock Soul of Versace,’ of the Versace family. The rebel, the tribe, for the boy or girl who wants to dare…" She goes onto to state one of the main reasons she wants to work with Zayn is because she wants to connect with his fans and followers on a different level. “I want to know what they think, what they like. This is a new generation, which if I do not go through someone like Zayn I will never reach.”

Malik first met Donatella when she asked to dress him for the Met Ball, you know where he wore that amazing futuristic suit standing next to his super model girlfriend? Yes that one. Malik originally skipped out on the opening interview that would have been used to announce the collaboration, but once contacted he seemed excited to start this new adventure in the fashion industry:

“The thing i most want to do with this opportunity is learn. Learn about how the process works, learn to be confident in spring my ideas, and, of course, be a part of a process that I feel I genuinely contribute to. I hope that I can develop a collection with Donatella that I can truly say reflects who I am and what I like.”

 It is not too often when a musician gets to work with a fashion power like Versace. I am definitely excited to see how this capsule collection turns out and I wish Zayn all the success!

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