Lately, I have been on the hunt for a summer job for the next few months to switch up my working scene. While job hunting can be quite frustrating, it does help that I get to pick out cute outfits to wear for dropping off applications and chatting with employers. This look was originally paired with a black blazer that I got from H&M for $15, but due to the heat index I decided to photograph without it (plus I wanted to focus on the movement of this dress). I must admit that H&M has the perfect dresses for almost any occasion and I recently saw several co-ords in there that I must have for the summer but I digress..

          Between my sister and I, we have bought several dresses from H&M over the past couple of months and they are perfect as transitional pieces between seasons, while remaining appropriate for dressier occasions like church (which is always important right?). My favorite thing about swing dresses are their movement which adds a girly but elegant feel. To complete the look I added my lace up flats from TOPSHOP into the mix which are my go to whenever I don't feel like wearing heels. Pointed flats instantly make any outfit look sophisticated and I can't wait to purchase more! I have a rule about buying multiple items in the same silhouette: two neutrals and a bright color. Since I already have a black pair I will most likely be getting a pair in nude and maybe a pair in red (I realize I look good in red so I am trying to implement it into my wardrobe more).

          I know many of my readers and recent graduates are preparing to look for new jobs or may have been looking for some for a few months now. I just want to encourage you with a cute outfit post where basically you can pair a cute dress, with a blazer, and some statement flats and you have an outfit that will make them remember you! Happy Hunting!

Dress: H&M
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