If you follow me on Instagram (@Genuinely_AA) then you will see that I posted a couple of pictures of this look and one was captioned "Always trying to decide if I wanna play it casual or dress it up." Which is basically my entire life (lol). I know you guys always see me in my cute outfits that I post for inspiration or special occasions, but I love my Nike slides and chill apparel don't get me wrong! This outfit captures my personality perfectly because I am always trying to make a statement by being comfortable, but sometimes I wanna put on a skirt and look girly. This look ended up coming together a lot better than I originally thought, and I got a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers dressing their T-shirts up--or down--with various items in their closets.

For this look I chose my floral thrifted skirt I got in Virginia about 4 years ago. It only cost me $3 and it is casual enough for me to wear everyday but still long enough to wear to church, which is always a plus. I usually steal my boyfriends graphic tees, but due to their unknown locations I actually had to invest in one of my own. I bought my "Who Runs This World" tee from H&M (y'all know that's my store) for $10! It was on sale and even though I should not be spending money I can never resist a good deal. It will be featured in a couple of my upcoming posts cause I have decided to do a series on the various ways you can wear your favorite graphic tee! So make sure you stay tuned for it!

This top is super breathable and comfy even though it is dark in color, and its simple enough to partner with almost everything in my closet. It currently has two slits up the sides, you know that peek-and-reveal type look a lot of tunics have, but I think I am going to close them up and wear it as a T-Shirt dress. We often leave our T-Shirts out of our decision making process when trying to put a cute look together. I realized I could create looks that were dressy enough for date night,  work, or class without having to wear an actual blouse. T-Shirts and jeans naturally go hand in hand but T shirts and skirts get along pretty well too! If you don't like the look of a long skirt with a casual T-shirt try a jean or suede skirt that has the buttons in the front. Those are always perfect for layering and the buttons will give your outfit that extra bit of dimension!


Are T Shirts underrated? How would you style your favorite Graphic Tee and skirt?

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