Newton Frames

       For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram (@genuinely_aa) or don't know me in real life, you may not know that I wear glasses pretty much every day. I looked back through some of my Life's Styles posts and I realized that I just started wearing my glasses in my #OOTD posts like four posts ago, and seeing that I have been blogging for a couple of years now that kind of says a lot. I love the frames that I have now so it isn't that I think I look funny with glasses, but sometimes I hate the glare that I get in my pictures that takes away from my fashionable looks (haha). Luckily for me Warby Parker has fixed my glare problem! I collaborated with Warby Parker and participated in the Home Try-on program! I got to choose five beautiful frames to try and I also got to play their newly release video game Worbs, that believe it or not comes with a pair of matching glasses!

 Simone Frames

          Warby Parker is known for their fabulous frames that you can order online! Their Home Try-On program takes the hassle out of waiting at the store for your eyeglass appointment to figure out which frames look best. A collaboration with Kill Screen--a literary minded video game arts and culture company--opened up new territory for the eyeglass experts: launching of their first-ever video game with limited edition Burke frames to match.

Worbs is the name of the game and it was created to help battle those funky moments in our day when our brain just needs a quick break. The objective of the game is to match like colored marbles that are in a bowl. The writers from Observer and Style said, " Worbs is actually a physics-based game with a major focus on simple graphics which is quite closely with Warby Parker's aesthetic for optics and sunglasses." The game also falls in line with a major goal of Kill Screen which is to link game play to other aspects of culture like art and design. It is a great pick me up and I advise anyone who needs that quick getaway from their cubicle to take a few minutes to play it and jumpstart your productivity for the rest of the day!

 Limited-edition Burke Warby Parker x Kill Screen Frames

         The Burke frames come in a striking Glacier Gray color that would stand out on any face (yay for popping frames)! They feature a distinct keyhole bridge, straight browline, and an embossed Kill Screen logo that lines the temple just right. The frames also have anti-scratch (and my favorite) anti-reflecting coatings which is perfect for reducing glare from screens! So if you are a gamer or a long time blogger like myself, these new frames are needed to protect your eyes from any damage while you are doing what you love the most.

Finch Frames

          Unfortunately seeing as the limited-edition frames are...well limited edition I was not able to have the option of adding them to my Home Try-On experience but I was able to try on five other frames that I loved! Here is how it works.

1. Go to Warby Parker's Home Try-On page
2. Pick your five frames.
3. Try on the demo frames with family and friends (for their opinions of course)!
4. Buy at any time
5. Send the rest back!

Super simple right? I remember a lot of people I talked to about their experience said that the thought of buying glasses offline made them really nervous, which I could understand why. My family and I (we all wear glasses) would take a half a day at least for our yearly appointments at the eye doctor. We would get our eyes checked and spend time figuring out which frames we wanted for the next 365 days. It took a few hours, but Warby Parker takes the stress and hassle out of the eyeglass process.

Kimball Frames

          Now I can order frames I am interested in trying, they send them to me and I can show my family and decide in FIVE days which frames I like the most. I have five days to decide guys. Even for someone as indecisive as myself that is plenty enough time to figure out which frames I trust and love to make my face pop the most. Glasses are real accessories that should be taken seriously and Warby Parker helps you do just that. Their customer service is beyond helpful and I loved working with this brand!

Laurel Frames

The five frames I tried on during my Home Try-On can be found here:

1. Newton in Aurelia Tortoise
2. Simone in Tea Rose Fade (my favorite)
3. Finch in Violet Magnolia
4. Kimball in Marzipan Tortoise
5. Laurel in Peacock Green

Don't forget to play the new Worbs game! You will not regret it and your brain will thank you! Let me know which frames you guys loved the most and what you think about the game!

Photography by: Jeff Matthews featured in my Audience of One Post