It is that time of year again when I get to dive right into infinite pile of black clothes and feel no regret when I step outside! I often get asked what my favorite color is, and I often lie (Lord forgive me) and say that I don't really have a favorite color. When in fact, I am pretty sure that my favorite color is black. Black is amazing because it looks good on everyone, matches with everything, and is unapologetic. You can never go wrong with an all black outfit and this one is no different!

       You guys have seen my "Who Runs This World" tee and culottes featured in other Life's Styles posts ( here and here) and they happen to be my two favorite pieces of black clothing right now. When I styled this look I was going for something completely out of my comfort zone. I have this personal rule: tight top, loose bottoms, or vice versa. Meaning that if I wear a tight shirt I will most likely wear loose bottoms or vice versa. I guess it just helps me balance. However, I loved the movement of this shirt--thanks to the mid-drift slits on the side--and I thought the tee would be perfect over my culottes without overpowering the whole look.

       The funny thing about culottes is that I used to call them guachos. Who ever thought that gauchos would come back in style? I am pretty short--about 5'3--so pants that would normally hit people mid-shin usually wound up around my ankles. My bell cropped jeans featured in Denim Days, are also supposed to come up a little more. If I do not roll them they kind of look like high-waters (short people probs). It always seems to work out though and I actually like the cropped look, because my main issue with gauchos back in the day, was that they awkwardly hit right below the knee.

       This look is perfect for this current fall transition that we are going through. Both pieces breathe comfortably but it still has that fall-is-coming vibe. What I love about this piece is that it also hangs right on the edge of dressy and casual. If you look up culottes on Pinterest you are bound to see a lot of heel-wearing fashionistas wearing dressy blouses or blazers. I paired mine with a casual tee shirt to keep this look school-friendly and laid back. You could choose to wear more accessories to dress it up, or less if you're aiming for chic minimalism. My leopard print flats were a last minute decision because, black and animal print!

Tee Shirt: H&M (sold out) / Culottes: Express / Leopard Flats: Charlotte Russe

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