Hello All! As finals are in full swing I am fighting to maintain my sanity as a student with all of the studying and reviewing that has transpired this past week. I hope you guys have not missed me too much, but even you if you did I have so many goodies coming up for you all, so keep an eye out. It is a well known fact that a lot of bloggers have a dedicated photographer that they call on for style posts, or maybe their boyfriend happens to be handy with the camera. While I am still trying to get my boyfriend into photography (I think he would be amazing) I have actually learned a few tricks myself! This week I ventured out an did a style post all on my own, and if you can not tell from my tone and I am extremely proud of myself!

         Christmas is right around the corner which means holiday parties and frosty nights on the town. I often get discouraged when confronted with cold weather, so I wanted to give you guys some winter outfit inspiration with this gorgeous Holiday look! For this look I chose a cowl neck sweater, layered with my favorite fur vest. I got this vest a few years ago actually from Aeropostale! Yup. You read it right. Unfortunately, they are going out of business, but there are plenty of retailers that sell similar ones. You guys know how I struggle with wearing jeans, so for this outfit I actually chose my favorite black pants that I got from Ross. The brand is unknown, but its those pair of pants that look like real pants but feel like the soft glory of leggings (hence, why they are my favorite).


        I love this look because it is elegant and I felt like a snow queen during this shoot. In my Fall Transitions post I talk about breaking the traditional "no white after labor day" rule and the other day I saw a white outfit on display in New York and Company. I am so happy that white after labor day is finally being accepted, and it did not cause fashion anarchy as once expected (haha). With that being said, here is another example for you all wanting to try this color out of season! My vest is definitely the focal point in this look which is important to have when dressing for the weather. You don't want to focus on being warm so much and throw caution to the wind when deciding outerwear.

        Fur vests are the perfect wardrobe accessories for this season! You can layer them over something as dressy as a cowl neck sweater, or opt for a more casual look over a jean shirt. They are definitely a must have during cold weather, and often times I will use my vest in place of a heavy jacket because it is just that warm!

Vest (similar): Target / Sweater (similar): Bebe / Shoes (similar): ASOS / Purse: DSW

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