Black History Month feat. Black Excellence and Co.

          February is here and it arrived so quickly! February is special to me for so many reasons, but the main reason is that it is that special time of year where I can focus on my roots and the individuals who have paid the ultimate price for me to have the life that I live today. We all know Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, and Harriett Tubman, but I implore you to educate yourself about the African American members of society that did not make the headlines. Educate yourself about the inventions and strives in society that African Americans not only created for the bettering of their lives, but for the lives of all Americans as well. Since it is Black History Month, there was no better shirt for me to wear than the one I received from Black Excellence and Company.

          I am sure that many of you can recognize the lyrics "Don't Touch My Hair," from Solange Knowles album a Seat at the Table. I absolutely loved this song because I felt like it really encompassed all of the feelings a lot of natural girls have when they are sporting their fros out and about. I personally have not had someone touch my hair, but I have had people make remarks or acted like they were going to touch it until I gave them that you-better-not look. If you have not listened to the song you definitely should, because it is about more than hair. When I saw that this was one of the graphic tees that Black Excellence and Company had I knew that I had to have it. They are an amazing company that provides everything from graphic tees to headwraps handmade in Ghana (which you can see in my youtube video here). I appreciate this collaboration so much as they were so patient with me during a busy time in my life.

          For this look I decided to venture on the athleisure side of style as I promised in a previous post, because leggings and t-shirts are usually my go-to despite popular belief.  I chose to wear my adidas climawarm leggings with my Black Excellence and Co. t-shirt because the are ridiculously comfy and perfect for running around. My adidas camouflage jacket added the perfect pop of color and pattern! I love this jacket because I got it at an adidas tent sale and it was originally $75, but I paid around $30. Hooray for deals! Olive green and burgundy is my favorite color combo during the cooler season so it only seemed natural.


          Keep any eye out for upcoming Valentine's Day outfit posts! I will be talking about traditional looks versus non-traditional #Vday looks for those who want to take on a different style for their special day. Also don't forget to subscribe to the blog on Youtube for beauty tutorials and your favorite product reviews!

Shirt: Black Excellence and Co / Pants: Adidas / Shoes: Nike / Shoelaces: Brappz

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