Moon and Lola: How to Style and Choose your Jewelry, Brand Ambassador Style

        This year started off with big news, great opportunities, and even better expectations for 2017! I still can not believe that we already have one month of the year under our belts, and I have an amazing announcement...I am a MOON AND LOLA BRAND AMBASSADOR! Moon and Lola was created by Kelly Shatat (a.k.a Lola) who wanted to create a lifestyle brand with one mission: to make people happy! Her mission developed into a jewelry, accessories brand that is now carried in over 1,000 boutiques and other specialty retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. If you guys recall, I worked with Moon and Lola a few months back when I attended a local fashion show. I never imagined that my relationship with the brand would develop into an ambassadorship, but I feel so happy and blessed for this opportunity.

What it means: In short, I am your go-to person when it comes to all things Moon and Lola, so feel free to contact me with questions about how to style your favorite pieces, or advice on picking out jewelry for your specific wardrobe.

Now that I got all the good news out of the way, let's start with choosing your personal Moon and Lola pieces. My top three Moon and Lola pieces (at the moment because I am obsessed) are the Serena gold hoop earrings, the Rowan necklace, and the classic charm bracelet personalized by me from the charm bar. All three pieces can be worn with almost any and every item in my closet, and honestly, I have been wearing them since I got them!


How to Choose your Jewelry: First I'd advise you to start off with your favorite metals (gold or silver), and then move on to your preferred style of jewelry (statement or dainty/casual). For my every day jewelry wear I tend to have about 3-5 pieces in rotation. Dainty pieces tend to work for every day, but a nice statement piece never hurt an outfit so pick your weapons carefully (haha).

How to Style your Jewelry: While you are picking out your jewelry think about your wardrobe and the maximum number of outfits you could accessorize with each piece. The jewelry I choose to purchase can usually transcend throughout most of the pieces in my closet. It makes it so much easier when you are putting your outfits together because there are no limitations. You want to make sure you give yourself the most options. With this look I wanted to wear something that was neutral but still made a statement, so I chose this white lace top I purchased from Express. White and gold is a classic but elegant combo and my cheetah flats added a nice flair. I could have also worn jeans and a nice blouse, a chambray shirt with a bold colored skirt, or even a nice dress and blazer combination. Don't be afraid to experiment!

How to Store your Jewelry: I make sure to store my jewelry in a nice dry area, keeping it from extreme temperatures and any type of moisture. When you invest in nice jewelry taking care of it will make sure you can grow your collection without having to replace your pieces due to mishandling.


Make sure you visit my store in Cameron Village by NC State and use my code AALSTON10 for 10% off of your next purchase!


If you visit make sure you let them know I sent you! Let me know in the comments how you choose, style, and store your favorite jewelry pieces! Which Moon and Lola piece is your favorite?

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