How I Got Featured on the Huffington Post!


            If you follow me on Instagram (@Genuinely_AA) then you would have seen my post about being featured on the Huffington Post! I was contacted by a Huffington Post contributor named Kayla who simply asked me to speak on all things hair. I was glad to be given the opportunity to talk about 4-type hair care, hair regimens, and how to improve the overall health of kinky curly hair textures. As Kayla mentioned in the post,

"Often times women with kinkier textures, usually those who fall in line within the 4B, 4C type hair range, are excluded. Whereas others with looser, softer and more defined curls are praised for their natural tresses. "
With that being said, head on over to the post here and let me know what you think! I along with some other lovely ladies are giving great advice on how you can take care of your curls! Let me know what you think and what natural hair products are your favorite!

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