It's a Celebration: Inside Access to a Blogger's Birthday

          It is my birthday month!!! I am now 23 years old! Yes, I know I look like I am still in high school (ageing gracefully already) but I am not. This is my 23rd year of life, also known as the "Jordan" year. My birthday was actually last Wednesday, March the first, along with my mother's birthday who loved me so much she wanted us to be twins.

For my birthday I:

- went to brunch
- went to dinner (many dinners)
- went to the movies
- got a manicure
- went shopping

So basically food, food, more food, shopping, and entertainment.

This birthday I also wanted to do something different, something that would empower me and make me feel like an actual adult. A woman. So I decided to do a birthday photo shoot. Originally I was going to wear this black slinky dress with a fur coat, and talk about what it means to be a woman and blah blah blah. Then I realized, I still feel like an 18 year old most of the time and I constantly forget my age until it is either brought to my attention, benefits me in some shape or form.

            Instead I decided on something I have been wanting for such a long time, a matching pajama set. I have this weird thing about matching sets. If you have been a reader for some time, or know me at all, you will know that I wanted a top and bottom set for the longest time and I finally purchased on last summer when I went to visit my best friend in Boston. They just do something for a person, a complete look that matches perfectly. It must be the perfectionist in me. Anywho, I got this amazing set of pajamas at Target! I had to remain very focused when I went inside because Target will SUCK you in! You go in needing toilet tissue and you come out with three outfits and a makeup palette you did not intend to buy. You forget the toilet tissue. So in this case I had a successful mission at Target and got my cute satin pajama set along with some cute lights featured in this post that will later be used for decor (they were $3 total impulse buy).

   Target has another set of pajamas I love equally that are striped but I knew for photography purposes the floral would be better, and it was pink and purple! The Oxford pajama shirt silhouette has grown in popularity over the last couple of months and I have been trying to get my hands on a black and white version of my top. I love that I ended up finding this pattern because it takes me out of my comfort zone and it ended up looking perfect! My choker was given to me as a birthday present and I got several others as well, I definitely want to do a video on hairstyles that look best with chokers (beauty essentials).

My pajamas are amazingly comfortable and I got them on sale for $12 compared to $25. Aside from my statement sleepwear, I chose to highlight some of my other presents I actually picked out for myself. A few weeks ago I attended an event in my area celebrating the release of Kendra Scott nail colors. I was gifted a gift card and decided to swing by on my birthday to see what goodies I could find. I ended up falling in love with two stunning pieces, a double ring and a hand chain.

          I fell in love with the double ring almost immediately, simply for the presence of the color black. Black is my favorite color and I have always wanted to have a ring with black in it, but I never knew how it would look or if I would actually like it. The stones in this ring are so beautiful and I loved the contrast the gold bands added. I was sold.


Now I have this weird thing about gift cards in which I don't like to have $4.25 left on a card, which essentially can not purchase a whole entire item. I looked around the sale section and happened to find another unique piece, the hand chain. The inner boho in me loved the connected ring and bracelet, and I knew this could be a major statement piece on its own for any occasion. I have really been replacing my jewelry over time (since my terrible moving out debacle last semester) and I feel like I am really creating a collection of quality pieces.

Pajamas: Target / Choker: F21 / Jewelry: Kendra Scott
          Honestly, I am all brunch'd out and this weekend was everything I wanted it to be. I was able to see so many friends and family. It was nice to have them all celebrating me and the accomplishments I've made in the past years and will continue to make soon. March is a good month because it is my birthday month, but it also marks t-minus two months until graduation. Update: the job search is still going well. I have applied to almost 25-30 jobs, I think. I kind of lost count. I feel like every Sunday there is an encouraging word that reminds me that the Big Guy has my back, and even better, has something in the works just for me. If I could encourage any of you all today it would be to find the beauty in every circumstance and know that no matter what happens, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Everything works out in the end for those who love him!

Side note:  I think I am going to make birthday photo shoots a thing. Every year. It's fun and I get to come up with new themes. Is that lame? You guys would tell me if that was lame right...I hope so (haha). Have a good Monday!

Pajama Set

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