What to Wear for the Warm Up: JORD Giveaway


          We all know how crazy this weather can be. Last week it was blazing with temperatures reaching the 90's. Today it just so happens to be in the upper 50's, with rain clouds threatening to release a torrential downpour. The constant back and forth with the weather can get irritating, especially when you don't know if you should suffer the cold in the morning or risk burning up in the afternoon. Luckily I have came up with one of my favorite outfits that easily transcends the ups and downs that occur during this Spring transitional period that can keep you comfortable all day!  Make sure you stay tuned for the giveaway announcement!

          Almost everyone I know has a white cotton t-shirt and if you don't, I highly suggest you invest in a nice one. I was lucky enough to snag this from my boyfriend's closet (thanks bae) to pair it with one of my favorite pair of jeans. With a t-shirt and jeans look you can never go wrong. All you need is the right accessories to bring it all together. I know I have been harping on the importance of accessories lately, but I hope you all are getting the point.

Cotton tees are breathable enough to help you deal with the rising temperatures, but comfortable enough to hold you down during that brisk walk to the car. I love to wear my tees alone (especially if they have a graphic) or with a light cover up (jean shirt or cardigan). Having the option to easily switch out different aspects of your look helps keep things versatile and travel friendly. Because no one wants to carry around 3 different outwear pieces in order to stay comfy throughout the day.

A nice pair of jeans can take you a long way and I am so happy that I found this pair at Express last summer. In Denim Days I go into detail about my love hate relationship with jeans and how I realized that the quality of a garments sometimes outweighs the aspect of price. Aside from that, jeans are perfect for keeping you comfortable during chilly mornings and warmer afternoons! I love to get my jeans cropped (even though I am short and still have to roll them up) or capri length. Full length can work also depending on how warm you expect it to be.

          My favorite transitional accessory styled with this look happens to be my JORD watch! I chose the Reese watch in Zebrawood and Emerald. Looking through the watches, this piece stood out to me the most and the moment I saw it I knew it would be the perfect addition to my growing watch collection. I am a person of texture and color having a watch made of wood happens to be the coolest thing to me. Wood grain and texture is reminiscent of Fall and Winter, while the Emerald color reminds me of the freshness of Spring. It is a piece that encompasses both aspects of my two favorite seasons, helping me transition seamlessly from one to the next.

I also made sure to draw out the colors in my graphic tee and did so by wearing my Koko necklace from Moon and Lola and my Kingfisher belt from FH Wadsworth. These two accessories were so much fun to wear and the colors were amazing. I really love how this look came together to create this cute and comfy sporty look perfect for transitioning weather!

          Now, because I love you all so much I am partnering with JORD to give YOU a chance to win $100 credit towards your own JORD watch! All you have to do are these 3 simple steps:

1. Follow me on Instagram: @Genuinely_AA
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That's it!! Simple right? Even if you don't win the $100 you can still receive a $25 credit just for entering the giveaway. So either way it is a win-win!

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