What I Wore in NYFW: Accessories Edition ft. Moon and Lola


           For those of you who have been reading and following The Strong Suit for a while, you know that I was a collegiate brand and ambassador for Moon and Lola! I am so happy to announce that I am still part of the Happy Squad as a newly promoted General Brand Ambassador! I love Moon and Lola so much and I am so excited to continue being a part of this amazing brand, which brings me to my topic for today. I know it is finally October (yay fall, cozy sweaters, and everything pumpkin spice), but I am still reminiscing my NYFW experience and I wanted to show you guys my favorite pieces that I wore that week, Moon and Lola of course.

I contacted my Moon and Lola family to let them know that I was attending NYFW and wanted to show of any new pieces they have from recent collections. They surprised me by helping me accesorize EVERY outfit I planned on bringing! I wanted to showcase a few of my favorite pieces and let you guys know that I will be featured on their blog talking about my ambassadorship in detail!

Now let's jump into the jewels! Moon and Lola's founder and CEO Kelly Shatat recently went into collaboration with Thimble Press (ML xx TP) that produced an amazing collection including wall art, calendars, journals, and of course jewelry! This hustle necklace was a part of that collection and honestly helped me pull my essence together before a couple of my events.

1. Hustle Necklace

Real blogger moment here. No matter HOW big The Strong Suit gets, I will always be a little nervous to attend events and shows. It is nerve racking sometimes to accomplish your dreams, and as a blogger you always want to make sure you document it all. Call me dramatic, but every time I put on this hustle necklace I was reminded of everything I worked so hard for and why I deserved to sit among some of the best fashion bloggers and designers out there. It made me want to hustle harder.

2. Thasos Earrings

Unfortunately these beauties are not pictured on my instagram (@Genuinely_AA), but they were spotted a few times in my Snapchat story while I attended the Style Collective party. I love these earrings because the pearls give them a classic look, while the black chains add and element of edge. I never thought of myself as an edgy person but I definitely love black with almost anything and how it can sharpen almost any item up with sophistication. They are so elegant and can be worn dressed up or dressed down.

The White Temple earrings are currently my favorite piece of Moon and Lola jewelry. During my interview for Moon and Lola's blog they asked me what piece describes my personality and I chose these earrings without a doubt. In it's description on the ML website it says "I am sweet and I am a rock star,"  a piece they love to style with their leather jackets and boots. I styled mine with a graphic tee shirt from Walmart (Power Rangers) and a red and white striped skirt seen in my NYFW Look 3 post. I think my favorite part about the earrings are the little half-moon pieces at the end that remind me of teeth, just the right amount of edginess for ya!

Arm candy is a MUST for any accessorized look, and these two cuff bracelets looked perfect opposite my gold watch worn in look 1. White and black are so easy to style and I loved the versatility of these cuffs with every look! The IOS cuff comes in several colors (my second favorite being blush) and with a pair of matching earrings. 

These earrings were a surprising delight. I originally did not think that I would love them as much as I did until I partnered them with my denim skirt clad in pearls (NYFW Look 2) and I fell in love! I got so many compliments on my earrings and how they were a refreshing twist to the classic pearl. They drew out the pearl accents in my skirt so well and they are under $50!

Let me know which piece is your favorite, I can not wait to share more Moon and Lola goodies with you all! 


  1. All of these accessories are so cute! My fave are the dainty bangles and tasseled pearl earrings!

    xo, Chloe //

    1. Chloe,

      Thank you! I am in love with the brand and the pieces they continue to come out with! Make sure you visit their website to keep up on their upcoming collections.



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