Happy New Year you guys! I know I kind of went ghost towards the end of the year but ya girl was in a SERIOUS need of TLC. Quick recap: I had 4 final exams, I worked an insane amount of hours due to the lovely holiday season (yay retail), and I really just needed to rest and recharge so I can have the perfect start to my blog takeover I have planned for this year! I ended last semester with All A's *round of applause* and I am super proud of that. I wanted to get All A's for both of my senior semesters and I am halfway there!! 

Now getting back to business. Some people do New Year's resolutions, I do not. I form takeover plans. Last year my takeover plan only included two major goals: get the supervisor promotion for my campus job and win a pageant that my school was hosting. I accomplished both of those things thanks to the grace of God, and with those accomplishments I realized something. Confidence is one heck of a drug. For the rest of the year I was not afraid to tackle anything or try any opportunity that came my way. I am so excited to continue that trend this year.

With that being said, one of my main goals for 2017 is to become a healthier me: physically, mentally, and spiritually. I know a lot of people plan to change themselves for the new year and many of us stay in the gym heavy the first week of the year, but as time goes on, we slack off and go back to our sedentary ways. For me convenience is key and luckily for us I was contacted with a product that will make getting back in the gym not only fun, but stylish! Who doesn't love style?

          Brappz was created with the mission to make the bra strap into a fashion accessory. Their product is extremely versatile, and here I will show you THREE how to style your very own Brappz to give your gym wardrobe that unique touch.

          I have a workout set that I bought by 90degreebyreflex (my favorite workout gear brand) and I have the ability to lace up certain sections of my top. I replaced my original strings that the top came with (red) with my Brappz, and now I have an infinite amount outfits I can mix-n-match with my sneakers. If you are new to picking out your workout wardrobe you will naturally head to buy bigger names, but this workout set is the most comfortable I have had in a while.

           Did I mention these were EXTREMELY versatile? Okay, maybe I did, BUT did I mention that you can use these as shoelaces! Now to me, this was the most amazing thing ever because I hate tying my shoes. I have always hated tying my shoes since I was a child and everyone could do it but me (lefty problems). Even though I know how to tie my shoes now, I still love having the ability to slip my sneakers on and off without ruining them. Luckily for me, Brappz are extremely flexible and stretch while I am shimmying my foot into my sneaker cutting at least 30 seconds from my trip out of the door, and when you are running late we know that every second counts. You literally just lace them up like normal and use your Brappz attachment to keep everything in place! Too easy!

           Most of the time when I work out I wear my hair completely pulled out of my face. This time since I was just doing yoga I was able to keep my cutesy hairstyle. Regardless of your decision to wear your hair in a bun or a ponytail Brappz has you covered. I used mine as a headband to keep my edges in place and give my bun that that extra umph! There are tons of tips on Brappz's website to help you style your own Brappz in different ways so make sure you check it out!

          Here I used my Brappz to spice up my workout wardrobe, but these can be used in any occasion. I love my Brappz so much and I can not wait to style them with my other outfits casual and dressy alike! I know a lot of you will be heading to the gym with your New Years Resolutions in your mind. While you are doing that do not hesitate to invest in some cute workout gear! It is a well known fact that when you dress better you feel better! Make sure you visit Brappz and follow them on social media to keep up with this new MUST HAVE accessory, and of course let me know what you guys think! Thank you to the Brappz team for gifting me with this awesome product, but like always all of my opinions and statements are my own!