If you follow DJ Khaled on about any social media then you are familiar with the phrase "got the keys." There are several different "key" skills one can utilize throughout life's journey in order to achieve success, but it always helps to hear from someone who has been where you are trying to go. Luckily for us, I got in contact with Sharon Bui, broke college student turned successful business owner. Sharon served as the CEO and Marketing Director of Frill LLC.  The inspiration for Frill emerged from Sharon being forced by her sorority to buy expensive and unflattering clothing for sorority recruitment. Sharon and her business partner were challenged to fix this problem! Now, Frill dresses sororities and bridesmaids all across the world. In 2013, one of Frill's pictures became viral on social media.

Sharon is a proud graduate of the College of Textiles at NC State University with a degree in Fashion and Textile Management: Brand Management and Marketing. As a junior at NC State, she formed Frill with an Appalachian State student with only $250 (and Sharon had only $350 in her bank account!). They grew it into a six figure company as college students before year two and defied all of the business odds.

They sold their 5-year old company last year. Sharon now mentors other start-up companies, builds e-commerce websites and is a traveling public speaker. Sharon's company, Frill, aired on Shark Tank Season 6 in March of 2015. She also was on the spin off show of Shark Tank, Beyond the Tank, April 2016. She is proud to have represented Raleigh, N.C. State, the College of Textiles, Chi Omega and her family. As seen on Shark Tank, Forbes, ABC World News Tonight, Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly and more.

I am so happy I got the opportunity to interview Sharon to see what key tips helped her become a successful entrepreneur:

What or who motivates you when challenges become overwhelming?

My friends! They are practically my counselors for personal issues and business issues. Thank God for them!

What inspires you?

 Current successful entrepreneurs inspire me, as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. When it comes to style inspiration, Pinterest of course. Some of my favorite bloggers are McKenna Bleu and Emily Ann Gemma. They wear things I can actually afford! I also like Stylish Petite and I just tend to look at successful boutiques and see what they are selling and what is new.  That is how I figure what’s trendy.

What would you say to young people trying to accomplish the same things you did?

It is definitely possible and don’t worry about being too poor, too young, or not good enough. Because if I was able to do with only $350 in my bank account you can do it too!

What do you want people to know about entrepreneurship?

That it is not glamorous. There are many perks to owning your own business, but there are going to be some hard times and valleys to get to the top of the mountain--I hate to say that because it is so cliché--but it is going to take blood sweat and tears to get to where you want to go if you are actually passionate.

What is your favorite part of the creative process?

Imagining! Imaging what could be and what I can possibly innovate. I am definitely a dreamer and a doer.

How do you see yourself impacting people going forward?

By continuing to speak, inspiring others, and teaching them what I have learned so they will not make the same mistakes. I want to help students with small businesses get on their feet, and again, not make the same mistakes I made.

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Hopefully this inspired you to start your own entrepreneur journey from your own inspirations, experiences, and aspirations!