So recently--basically since the election--I have seen an immense amount of negativity and complaining about politics this and he-said-she-said that. For a while, I was really battling with taking a break from social media, but all I could think about is how I would leave my readers stranded and potentially hurt my brand. So I made a better decision. To tune out all negativity. Now this is something that is easier said than done, but I have made a conscious effort to surround myself with positive vibes at all times. Our words have more power than we tend to realize and one of my favorite scriptures comes from Proverbs 18:21, which basically says "Life and death are in the power of the tongue." Which means what you say has power and it can affect you negatively or positively.

          On top of that, for those of you who don't know I am a senior graduating this May. Which means that EVERY single person I come across is asking me, "Do you have plans after graduation?" Basically they would be asking me if my life is together after graduation. Every time, I am explaining the job application process and where I would like to live etc., and I found myself getting burned out and feeding into the passive aggressive comments made by family members and friends. "You know it is expensive to live there," or "How do you plan on paying for this?" Finally I got fed up and I stopped. I had to remind myself that around this time, three years ago, I was a college dropout. I left my previous university due to a financial screw up they made which ended up putting me a year behind. During this educational hiatus I didn't know if I was going to ever go back to school let alone graduate. So as far as I am concerned this is my testimony.

God has brought me SO far through my college journey from me barely going to church and always going out with my friends, to placing a will in me to be the best person in I can every single day and I am thankful. So I decided that I am going to trust God! The person who has always seen me through, has always blessed me, and continues to refine me into a better woman every day. Sometimes you have to hush the hecklers on the mountain and tell them to be moved. We can do all things through Christ that strengthens us. I just wanted to encourage you guys to implement these three tips into your daily lives and watch how it changes:

1. Try to read a scripture and/or mediate every day.
2. Hide and turn off any negative notifications you might receive (for me it is CNN).
3. Remind yourself of your previous blessings and know that what ever does not kill you makes you stronger.

          So yes, I have plans for myself after graduation. I am a senior studying Fashion Textile Management with a concentration in Fashion Development and Product Management. I have more PR experience due to me being a blogger and brand ambassador for several brands, but I would love to find a permanent position in either field. I will graduate in May 2017 with my degree and a permanent position, where  I will move into my first place this summer. I may not know how everything will pan out and where I will be, but God has blessed me so much I have no choice but to be successful!

          Whew! (Haha) Now that I got some inspiration in you guys to take on this week let's talk about this fit though! I wore this red dress in a previous Life's Styles post but the picture quality was horrible and I wanted to re-shoot it. This shoot inspired me to feel how I look in all of these pictures: happy and vibrant. This dress is the perfect hue of red and I purchased it from H&M, because you know they get like all of my money. I love this dress because it is mid-length and the peasant-girl style gives it a playful vibe. The cold-shoulder aspect is perfect for this upcoming spring and summer season while still having some statement sleeves. I have really been into statement sleeves lately (see my Flowers and Flare post), and I feel like it has been working for me. I am trying to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and I encourage you to do the same!

Dress (w/statement sleeves): H&M / Shoes (similar): DSW / Purse (similar for $15!): Kenneth Cole

How do you keep negativity out of your life? How would you advise others to do the same?